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  • I've read your answers to problems for other growers and found them very educational. I've only been growing (indoors) for almost two years and am still learning everyday!
    If you have the time, I have a question for you about a pH mystery I have encountered.
    Hello. I'm just a guy who reads and sometimes replies to varies forums and grow journals. I have read some of your posts and noticed that your in Colorado. I'm thinking of flying to CO with my wife to try out different MMJ to see if a strain helps my pain. I was wondering if you had any info on which dispensaries are ok; how does it work for out of staters? Can I buy edibles. Coming from NY and I have a couple plants growing but they are couple months away from even 12/12 flip so I'd like to try MMJ sooner - hence trip to CO. Lastly, I've seen ads for "Tours" do you know these.
    I greatly appreciate your time and consideration. Thanks, Jaamz
    Well I thought I would see if being on 16 hours a day 7 days a week going thew forums and helping people grows,Posting video with true info on lights and doing some DIY and doing over 150 post in two weeks would help being a member of the month. It did not so o well they don't judge by that kind of stuff I guess. I am going back into my hole and keep to my self again. It shows that the way its looked at is not explained right. Doing Four grow rooms and being here is like having two full time jobs witch I do not mind. My love for growing will never end. This is the only web site I ever been on for my grows but its time for me to look around. If you took the time to read this I thank you for your time and wish you all Happy Growing...
    As depression sinks in I thank god I have mother earth and the beautiful plants to grow that makes happiness in my life.
    Well I started thinking why not add lights for all the under grow. Weight is weight. So extra side lights added and running good. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    Ok emergency Scrog net done. Train is on her way to get scrogged out then the lights will get flipped. She looks like about 4-8 weeks to fill it. Happy Growing. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    Up date flower and veg room. The aftermath after all the moving plants around and just wanted to bs a little with you guys. Thanks for all your support and watching. CO Finest Up date flower and veg room - YouTube
    Ok test is in on 144x3 the numbers are what was the Max showed on meter. +or_.05
    Veg aka bloom only Lums. 6" 32,671 1' 19.546 2' 9.323
    Flower mode Lums. 6" 42'411 1' 29.732 2' 12.553
    Ok today was a really long day in the grow tents. Fist off I saw me Big Buds and Flow were showing signs of trouble. So I ph my water just to start with and saw my water has changed from 7.0 too 9.8. Good call on that check. Note to all and self always check water first. Now that that problem is fixed. I was looking in veg room and saw there is no way I could fit 23 more solo cups full of new girls. So decision was made to make the final move for the old Train mother over to the flower tent. Now she is in here final resting place to veg untill she gets 5'x5' then the switch will be switched. Then after that move I transplanted two big cones and two FLO clones.
    Getting them going in solo cup and ready to go into there final homes in the 7 gallon smart pots in a few weeks. they will be joining Train mother later on. Now next step was I moved the train clones that are in smart pots over where mother train was under the Top Led 144x3 light. So now that light is veging Three trains choo choo. Ok enough of the funny biz. Now back to the flower room I have two of the Top LED 144x3 Now on Bloom on mother Train __choo_choo. tomorrow I will be doing some tie downs on mother train and help her get to the goal size to flower. Now back to the seeds. Much respect to ! Buy Cannabis Seeds Online - Herbies Seeds Updated:6th Mar 2014 - Cheap Marijuana Seeds UK I will be putting all the seeds that have the tap roots out into rapid rooters the into the DOME.. oh ya. (I will have to make a spin the bottle board game to see with one to smoke soon).
    If I can find a way to have my came mounted I will do a video on seed transplant. For now my fellow 420 growers. I am on a union break. Alittle bit of x box them sack time to start a crazy day two of CO Finest grow rooms.I can not take you all enough for reading and watching much respect to you all AND... As always Happy Growing To You All............................................... .............. Ohh pic here's a few pics. I love to see more then read lol.... Veg room [IMG] [IMG]

    Flower room [IMG] [IMG]
    Now looking at pic let play a game. How many buds do you think she will make????
    Ohh what a good day today. I waited and waited and now they are in the water to join my family..:yahoo: [IMG] [IMG]
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