• All i see in your pictures are good looking buds my friend, what was it that you were needing some help with?
    That subject is construed with a lot of personal opinion, i have seen either way work great. But for me i personally chop them up into small branches. I do nearly all my trimming while the plant is still wet because once it is dry crystals will get knocked off and if you dont believe me go trip a dry nug in some early morning sun, looks like dust flying everywhere.

    and i have also found the better job you do on trimming your nugs the first time the better they look when you get around to smoking them, i take my time and REALLY try to make every nug look nice :D
    Mazaar... Replacing "aurora indica" with "mazaar" in the site-search gives 27 results (and using "mazar" gives 3,690, lol).
    Mazaar harvest - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
    Lots of "hits" when searching for Mazar at the Atitude (and I presume at any other multi-breeder seedbank). The Real Seed Company has Mazar-i-Sharif and the description calls it a "traditional North Afghan charas cultivar." Dutch Passion has Mazar (feminized) and calls it a mostly indica Afghan x Skunk cross with a consistent up high. World of Seeds appears to have crossed it with everything and the kitchen sink - several choices. Lowryder Seeds has crossed an F7 Mazar with Lowryder and gotten Purple Ryder.

    Hope this helps,
    Yes. Aurora (Indica) is listed in a Nirvana's catalog. Afghani x Northern Lights cross. HEAVILY indica-dominant. Said to stay shorter unless one uses extended vegetative times. (Under the)couchlock. I haven't grown it - but a quick site-search shows me that some members have:
    I got 547 results via a Google site-search (type site:420magazine.com "aurora indica" into a Google search box).
    Looks hashy. From one photo I saw, some phenotypes might exhibit late-flowering coloration changes (perhaps from colder nighttime temperatures). It's listed as an F1 (hybrid), so expect some variation in phenotypes (guessing).

    you can do it eather way .... i hang whole plant after taking off all leaves.... i have also hung by individual colas.... it depends on your preference and what the plant calls for
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