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  • No time better than the present to get yourself a card but alas if your doctor is anything like the ones ive dealt with they will likely say no i would recommend going to the THCF clinic its in southfield michigan if your not in nthis area they have a calender when they visit clinics throughout the state they post the dates on their website.

    As far as LEO goes nobody but you and the MDCH knows your legal LEO does not have access to the patient /caregiver list .
    I bought a bag of Miracle Grow Moisture control..It works really well.. I also bought a package of Jobe plant food spikes. Disolve one spike per gallon of water, and let it set for at least 6 hours before using it to water plants..Shake it well before each use.
    When i find my soil formula from the college, i'll send it to you.
    Hey sweetie..the best soil mix's are usually custom blends.get back with me if you want a recipe.
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