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    3rd Grow: 1st Journal 2020: Indoor GR & Soil

    tap water is sketchy
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    DT’s Garden Of Pounds In Soil

    I’m running my Mars Hydro TSL 2000 at 200 watts
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    DT’s Garden Of Pounds In Soil

    Day 23 of veg Jacks girl is growing way faster than the lsd or gorilla alien. I’m going to go ahead and flip these to flower on day 25 or 26. they are all quadlined and tied to the sides. Absolutely zero nutrients so far and no signs of deficiency. Nothing but happy frog soil and filtered...
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    Does Music Help Growth? If You Play This Kind Of Music It Could Kill Your Plants!

    Watch out for the ones that are mainlining. Lol
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    DT’s Garden Of Pounds In Soil

    It’s day 13 of veg. This is what I’ve got so far. There are four new growth nodes that I’m going to lst out in all directions towards the edges of my pots. Day 13
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    DT’s Garden Of Pounds In Soil

    Today I topped and trimmed off everything on all three except for four new nodes to lst out towards the edges of my pots. I also trimmed the cotyledons. I’m not posting pics with this update because my girls are sleeping. Will post pics of my quadlined girls tomorrow.
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    NaturalWeed Completely Natural Outdoor Grow

    Fox farms happy frog soil and fox farms trio lineup will get you some killer bud.
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    NaturalWeed Completely Natural Outdoor Grow

    Get a bag of happy frog soil. It’s got the perfect amount of nutrients for early stages of weed plants and only needs minimal nutrients when you flower them under 12/12 after 5 week veg.
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    What are you rolling on?

    Got me a tray from my favorite dispo
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    How much NPK is 13% Potassium Silicate

    Be careful not to over feed. My first grow was so toxic from all the nutes I fed them. My runoff was brown. That is not good when your runoff isn’t clear
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    I just throw germinated seeds with tap roots in 5 gallon fabric pots of happy frog soil and water once. Boom a week later I’ve got some weed plants.
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    Yellow stripes on young plants, plus curling leaves

    No matter the budget. SOIL is important. Just buy some happy frog soil or build your own soil using one of the tutorials here. Bottled Nutes are not vital but a solid soil is going to get you what you want. Soilless mix. Happy frog soil is the bomb. I barely use any nutes and my bud is top shelf
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    Your unknown social media & Google presence, known or unknown, legal grow or not

    The more info the better ! It’s better to be aware
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