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  • Hey there I saw you started a forum sharing your experience freeze drying buds. I have a freeze dryer myself I use for ice water hash and I am desperate to find the times and temperatures you use to freeze dry flower? My farm is possibly investing in some large harvest right ones to get a quick cure. Thanks for your time
    Hey man, just want to thanks again for all the help you gave me. I have a few smaller questions since there are so many info available and I just want to make sure I dont screw anything up. Do you use the same pots all the way after germination? Been following your journals, great setup im in love lol
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    For autoflowers yes, same pot from day one because their life is so short you dont want to stunt them for even 1 day. For photo plants no, I start in small pot. Once they outgrow it I upsize. It's good for the roots when you upsize the pot as well.
    Hey fanleaf, do you still frequent these forums ? Im after a bit of help with wiring up some Digital Multimeters to my setup, and im not sure how to do it.

    I have 2 arrays with 2 x drivers on each. each driver runs 6 CLU048 1212's in series, and I have 2 drivers connected to 1 x 50k Potentiometer on each array.

    Now Ive bought 2 x DC multimeters ( Drok Digital Multimeter DC 6.5-100V 20A ) and im wondering if I can use 1 meter for 2 drivers, or will I need 1 meter per driver ?

    Cheers buddy, appreciate any help, you inspired me to DIY my own COB's man, and they are amazing. 24 x citizen CLU048 running on 4 x meanwell hlg 320h c1400b.

    Blessings from the UK
    Hey Shane!

    I hope you are doing well man!

    I've been trying to order the components ofr that 4x cxb3590 build in Europe.. and it seems to be an absolute pain in the hole.. not the kind of pain that cannabis will help tho :p
    Either some components are super expensive at some suppliers, or they are on back order, or the minimum order is 50 items... which I don't need at all.

    So I was wondering, if you would be up for it, maybe you could put the whole thing together for me, and post it over to Europe? Please let me know how much would it cost and if you would be interested. I'm sure there would be few omre problems while putting it together myself. Although I'd love to do it.. to take the pride in it :) but it might be more trouble than pride hhahahaha

    Let me know, and keep up the good work dude!!
    Hello my fellow 420Mag members. Welcome to my page. I enjoy soaking up as much knowledge as I can through growing and some of the best farmers around seem to be here. I always help and share what I have learned so we can all make greater bud!
    Hey man, that is a bad bitch! I apologize for doubting you. I checked it out earlier, just went back to give some reps and the thread is gone. Anyways hope there's no beef it's all peace here!
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