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  • If you want to drop me a line, head on over to my primary grow journal located HERE

    Hit the last few pages for the latest news, or start from the top if you want to see how I got everything to where it is today! :)

    Cheers and thanks!
    Thanks for the welcome back guys! Sorry it took me so long to respond here. Truth be known...I very rarely check this section of my profile. I prefer to focus my communications via my main grow journal.

    I invite everyone to subscribe to my grow journal and post your comments, questions and suggestions there instead!

    Thanks everyone!
    Thanks for stopping by my page brotha. It is good to see you back now, I hope we can get Debudman back as well.

    Yes sir, I am a part of staff now. I love it. Look forward to seeing your work brotha.

    Hey bro, I was looking for a flush recipe and got referred to you by blue planet nutrients... Clearex? Any chance you could help me out? Maybe stop by my journal and give me some input... Thank you
    hey goldengoose man, you good?
    Thanks for advice on PH tester, I took it back and swapped it for a new tester, but it still only seems to read alkaline, even when i add vinegar to the water its goes more alkaline!! Thats just plain wrong isnt it? You recon they just a crap tester, cheers man.
    Hey Goldengoose you seem to know a bit about them green soil testers.
    I got one the other day and I tested some house plants and it seemed to be working ok, Then I tested my water and it showed neutral, which was no shock.

    But then I added some vinegar so watch it go more acidic and it shot up on the alkaline side, I did it again with new water and 3 different vinegars, and it went alkaline again. Is it a faulty tester or did the water break it with it being a soil tester.
    I'd appreciate any feedback, is a soil tester a water tester basically.
    Hope you ok with me posting this here man. peace
    Hey goose I just posted a pic of a hermi in my garden..any chance you could takea look? Think I found it JUSST IN TIME....THAnks..broski
    Hey goose, sry to bother ya bro but I need a hand..i posted to my gallery a pic of possible nute burn, any chance you could look, read the note on it , And let me know what you think?
    Hey bro, listen to this dilema...my powers out and it aint coming back on for possibly twenty four hours..all my girls are in flower they are gonna get hit with a 24 hour dark period..what type of stuff can happen with this?. Will they just stretch?....? I cant believe this crap..oh by the way I put up my filter last nite, if you can , take a look at the pics in my gallery. Id like your input if thats cool
    Hey bro. I got the pics of the cloners up and the clones that came out of em..i think the root shots got erased, but.the pics show a lot anuway, please let me know what you think..thanks
    Thanks for the compliment TH! I'm planning to start a journal here shortly as well. In the meantime I have been contributing photos of my various plants at various stages of growth. Got a lot going on here right now with 5 different grows taking place at one time. They cover the whole gamut from seedlings all the way through to harvest and curing!

    Stay tuned! :)
    Lovely plants friend! Woohoo! First to post on your wall! I'm sure it will be filled with friendly comments and raving about your girls!
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