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  • Good evening, Grandpa.

    InTheShed suggested that I ask you how to decarb concentrates, e.g. shatter, hash, kief, etc.? He said that you use a toaster-oven, which I don't have but if you know the temp and the approximate duration, that would be great!


    Cheers Grandpa Tokin! What a beautiful nug! We joined around the same time I think, I have just have been super busy last year and away for a bit. Looking at that bud I have to ask...what did you do to achieve that level of frost production? Also, Is that a clone GG4 or an aftermarket Bx or self or something? I had a DarkPlasma that was exceptionally frosty (Forum cut x Obi-Wan OG Kush) but always thought it was genetics beyond a certain point.
    See, I have tried organics, hydro, expensive nutes, cheap nutes and many systems. After some solid years, I've settled on a modified Jack's hydroponic flood and drain in coco setup that just blows away anything else that I've tried even for a lot more money (1kw HPS lamp) and to be honest, not to toot my own horn most of you guys grow a bit better than I but the dispensaries "Top Shelf" $25g is junk compared to my mid canopy lol...Anyway just curious if you could share some tips. Hopefully you have a journal on it I will go see:)
    have a great weekend!
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