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  • Wow ....Stuck in the middle of witnessing this... In these threads... Some younger generation growers need to show some respect to the older generation growers who have blazed the trail of Marijuana growing for us all, with their older methods of growing or seemingly out dated techniques, Cause If it wasn't for those so called out dated methods, None of us would be able to be keyboard warriors and google everything we ever wanted to know about growing MJ, The older crowd never had that, but thanks to them they wrote all thier shit down in grow journals and some wrote books and that made it onto websites where we all have used at one time or another to gain knowledge on how to grow, if we didn't know how to do something or didn't understand....Heck some were imprisoned to gain this information we can freely access... Some times when technology and over priced garbage fails, Its nice to be able to keep growing without the need of all that stuff and still produce amazing results.... Was told by a very close Irish hippy to me ... He said.. Laddie" you only need the four elements earth(medium) fire(sun) water and wind to grow Marijuana"... So no matter what new next best thing or technique is cool and peddled to yield bigger better crops etc ... lets not crap on the people that came before us and carved the path, ..Cause one day some younger better eger grower is going to come down the path and you are going to be the older outdated out skilled grower in their eyes! ...remember folks... Hate just breeds more hate... Mj is the plant of love, grown by loving people that love to grow it! :)
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