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    Light problem

    I keep at high all times, it's a brand new bulb. After this grow I will get a quality mh bulb and hps bulb. I think my eyes were playing tricks on me. They're growing great, bout to switch to 12/12
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    Help with plants

    Here is my setup Sta-green plant and vegetable plant soil mix with perlite 50/50 in 3 gallon pots but I am changing to FFOF with perlite and vermilite in 5 gallon tomorrow 600w mh light about 6" above plant tops Lights on temp F 75-79 60%rh Lights out temp F 69-73 60% rh 400w mini heater (gets...
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    Help with plants

    I haves. Journal that can be viewed in my profile. Thought I would post a pic or 2 for insight. But I can't seem to post pics and I'm frustrated. Lol. They are all in my profile. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    My First Grow - K.C. Brains DD AKA Danky Doodle

    Hello, this is my first ever grow so I'll list my info at the start: Sta-Green Flower and Vegetable Plant Soil Perlite (50/50 with soil) 600w MH light hood cooled with glass 7-8" above plant top carbon filter 2 6" exhaust fans passive intake 6" oscillating fan humidifier 400w...
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