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  • Hi,

    On the strip lights.......looking at the Samsung F-series 3 generation data sheet.......on that data sheet, seems that the Samsung FB24 B is the one. Double row of leds 1120 mm long. Run at 103 watts. I want to mount 10 strips (CCT 5 x 3000 and 5 x 3500) on aluminum U channel as a passive sink, SpydrX Plus style. Total width 1200 mm and length the same as strip 1120 mm. Just not sure on drivers.....do not want to push them and run hot.....data sheet says operating current 1120 Ma....... does it make sense or is it possible to run them slightly softer? Connect in series.....?

    Appreciate some guidance on what you've built and or, the above build.


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    Add me on Instagram if possible. Messaging platform is far superior. Doggokush is my handle.
    10 strips is hard to power driver wise. Either go with 9 or 12. If you do 9 get the 320-48a or if you do 12 get two of the 600-48a. I'm in the same predicament you are haha. Also don't forget your thermal tape.
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