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    Washington: Some Patients Concerned About New Medical Marijuana Rules

    Thank goodness for my green thumb. I'm so poor I consider it a night on the town when my wife lets me eat something that isn't on the dollar menu. Ha/ :volcano-smiley:
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    Genuine Grand Daddy Purple - Ken's Cut

    Hi Kevbosr, and welcome to 420mag. I can recommend a strain called Charlottes web. It has been shown to do wonders for folks with seizures. It will not get you very stoned as it does not have very much THC at all, BUT... It is very powerful in CBD which has been shown to be super powerful with...
  3. Lord Indica

    DEA Accused Of Obstructing Research On Marijuana Benefits

    Find out how much the pharmaceutical companies give to the DEA each year. That dirt will paint a picture that would tell a pretty incriminating story I'm sure. Remember when a lobbyist worked for the betterment of the people? Check out this site. The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To...
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    Increased dark period for better yields?

    I leave my girls in veg till they are 36" tall they are under a 1000 watt Metal Halide light for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once they are 36" tall (or I have room in my flower room) I place them into the flower room. There they enjoy 12 hours of work and 12 hours of rest. I have been more...
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    9 Reasons Why Sanjay Gupta Changed His Mind About Marijuana

    You can never hide from the truth.
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    Colorado Slows Medical Marijuana Crackdown

    Plant limits are no different than prohibition. Prohibition doesn't work... Duh!
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    Montreal - 13,000 Pot Plants Seized, 22 Arrested In Province-Wide SQ Raids

    In Toronto the mayor can smoke crack, in Quebec you get arrested for growing pot? C'mon Canada, your better than this!
  8. Lord Indica

    Does Researching Casual Marijuana Use Cause Brain Abnormalities?

    I saw this article as well and I am so glad that you investigated and uncovered the facts. Kudos to you.
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    Seeds are not growing after germination. Need help!

    I am a dirt man and all I can say is get your watering cycle automated my man and you will be rejoicing in the delicacies of the herbal world in 90-115 days. Hydro is a mysterious and picky she beast. Give her the attention she desires and you will be rewarded substantially. Do not spend some...
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    Seeds are not growing after germination. Need help!

    Make sure that your water that you use to water the plant with is PH balanced correctly. I like 6.4 for 99% of my strains. It has been good to me over the years. However, their are guys who use different PH settings with good results as well. Good luck with it and remember with a good PH 99% of...
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    Hey cool thanks. I shot that photo in Florida near Boca Grande Beach.

    Hey cool thanks. I shot that photo in Florida near Boca Grande Beach.
  12. Lord Indica

    When it comes to serious diseases like Cancer,Diabetes,Obesity,Asthma?

    Do not smoke cannabis if you have asthma. Ingest it orally. I heat mine in olive oil and then use the olive oil on everything. It has amazing antiviral capabilities as well. It helped me with the flu big time. Eating it is different so try it out first before going and trying to do something...
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    Remember Power Hitters from the early 80's?

    We had one and this is what we did to it. Make sure it has one or insert a brass tube into the nozzle cap on top. The brass is so you do not smoke plastic. It will get too hot if you let it go too long. Place a hole in the side for a valve. Now hook up an electric pump to the valve on the side...
  14. Lord Indica

    White Widow

    Hey Canuck, this is the first time I have heard of BW. I like to think I know whats out there but this is a new one to me. Where did you get the genetics? Is it a white widow, blue dream cross? Got any pics of it? I love the white widow smoke. It was the first plant that I ever grew with top...
  15. Lord Indica

    Are these popcorn buds?

    Popcorn buds are all the buds that are not kolas. That being said they do pack a nice punch if..... They are picked 1 wk after the main kola is picked (sometimes 2 weeks). If you pick all the main Kolas your popcorn buds will double their trichome production and the result is a much better...
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