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  • I'm amazed I found this Gramma. Just stumbled across it.

    I just used neem oil with a bit of dish soap in warm water and sprayed her down every three days for thre sprays then used some Safer's for a fourth spray and that seemed to get rid of them. I haven't sprayed in over a month now and can't find any thrips or mites anywhere now.

    Really half to make sure that you get every little bit especially under the leaves. I put a 500W work light off to the side shining on the plant so any missed bits show up easy.

    Maybe add the neem to the Safer's and hit them with that. I'm almost asleep headed for bed but if I think of anything else I'll let you know.

    Good luck.
    I'll never find the post where you told me how you get rid of mite, so I'll ask here. I have used Safer 3-n-1, soaking the plant to no effect. I have used neem oil, diluted exactly the way the concentrated liquid says to, but after a couple hours after it dries, I still find juveniles here and there. granted it kills most of the adults on contact, but I don't see any effect after it dries. So I have been soaking them down (spray) daily for several days now, and STILL catch a mite here and there. Am also spraying the soil and stems until the plants are dripping wet!

    I have also trimmed out all the large spotted and infested leaves, and just wiping a wet finger along the undersides of each remaining leaf with neem oil. and last night used a q-tip to clean among the colas.

    Should I alternate with soap and cooking oil, since I seem to have to do this daily?
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