• high pan, i need help with finding sex of my plants. do u have any close up pics showing what a male and a female looks like?i'm into 2nd wk of flowering and i really cant tell. much appreciated if u can help,
    when is the absulute latest time i could put seeds out on the 42nd latitude?
    Pan...as you know I am on a tight budget. I kind of NEED a good harvest...the sooner the better. I already have the FF soil, gonna get the Rapid Rooter cubes this week, and I am putting the 1st 8 outdoors this weekend. Now I found a cheap hydro system that will fit into my grow cab perfectly and I can save $ in time to get it within the next 3 weeks. In your opinion...should I go for the hydro grow (hoping for speed and perhaps 2 harvests back to back before end of June), or should I use the FF soil and add FF Grow Big and Big Bloom. Here is the link to the system I am talking about...SH Hydroponics, Inc. > DWC Basic Kit

    I really value your opinion brother...I await your reply, it will decide what direction I take. Stay cool...stay baked.
    DUDE......you have got to go to this thread....he has white hairs growing out of the LEAVES...what the hell is that thing...never seen nothing like it.....heres the thread and dude......... #1

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    I have the best plant ever (pics included)
    yo pan any tips on were i should cut as in the bud its self or the stem ... im a novice at this and i really dont kno what im doing im just going with the flow and learning every day
    Hey dude...I am thinking about getting some Fox Farm Grow Big this week to use with my new soil. Do you think this is a good idea ? I am gonna need some nutes...right ?
    Hey Pan...showing my ignorance a bit here, but I'm sure the garden is a chat room...but how do I get there ?
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