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    Passing A Urine Test On Short Notice

    Decided to take an at home test tonight instead of waiting. Passed. I don't believe the sample was diluted. It's possible, but not likely. Today I have not been drinking the 1-2 gal as the other days. Its been really busy. Probably had about a half gal of water all day, and been active. My...
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    Passing A Urine Test On Short Notice

    Couple of notes: I am noticing a huge fat loss due to the diet and exercise. I am shredding up pretty quickly. The Sauna is not just to sweat. Keeping your heart rate increased (130-150 BPM) forces your body to burn fat / carbs and increases your metabolism. I just got the home test kits. I...
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    Passing A Urine Test On Short Notice

    Should it be that much earlier? 3 Days? I was thinking 2 days... Thanks for the heads up about bowel movements. They have definitely slowed down. I will pick up some fiber or add oatmeal to my diet in the mornings.
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    Passing A Urine Test On Short Notice

    Oh and coffee... a pot a day
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    Passing A Urine Test On Short Notice

    Hello fellow Chiefs. I am 26.75 years old - 5'9" - 185 lbs - I have smoked every day 2-5 bowls a day for the last 10 years. I am moving to ND to work on an oil rig. I will have to submit a U/A on the spot immediately following the INTERVIEW. The interview could be in as little as 7 days...
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    How can I get THC out my system fast?

    Hey thanks for posting your progress and results. Congratulations!
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    NC DOT screen

    Re: nc dot screen I wouldn't recommend it.. I think they will be able to differentiate male and female urine
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