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  • Currently noticing yellow on the very tips of all 3 of my plants but only on the newest growth.. this happened over night.. I'm thinking it's a ph problem and I've addressed it as that so we will have to wait and see
    I am very excited too see how my auto thunder bloody mary responds to the LST I started today .. as she has a rapid veg cycle which I have noticed crazy growth daily .. she is supposed to be around 60 days from seed to harvest.. we will see if I can keep up with her
    Also I am running on an 18/6 light cycle all the way through untill my auto thunder bloody mary is finished flower.. I will then flip over to 12/12 shortly after letting my photoperiods fill out the space they can.
    Anyways for a little more information I am using and blend of gaia green 2-8-4 power bloom, 4-4-4 all purpose fertilizer, and a generous amount of the worm castings .. staying completely organic and I am seeing nothing but growth daily.
    Hello and welcome to all that venture there way to Puggs Closet I will be frequently posting updates on what is my very first of many indoor LED grows. Once I figure out how to post photos that is.. lol anyways happy growing
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