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    Does nobody care?

    A chance to elect new senators and house officials... Though that seems to be a bit far away, don't you think?
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    Does nobody care?

    But I do... what do you do?
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    Does nobody care?

    Well you can do more than just talk about it. We need action
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    Does nobody care?

    Well that's true I suppose...
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    Does nobody care?

    This is about cannabis.. The weed industry is starting to crumble. I don't care about the legalization efforts... It's getting worse. More arrests and more prosecutions. Ultimately it will succeed in being decriminalized but nothing is getting better... and I'm not saying that YOU who is...
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    Good idea

    LOL! You know what you should do instead? Go to a hospital and walk into a room where someone's is having a baby and right when they come out of their mother.... just shove some acid into their mouths. lmfao. Or some weed.
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    We need to start fighting harder and we need to start fighting now

    Guys and gals... it's time for us to show this administration that they can't keep jailing people and taking away the thing that is saving our lives from years of chronic pain. I've been reading a TON of stories lately, about people getting put out of business, evicted and jailed for growing...
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    U.S. Senators Petition to legalize marijuana

    Damn this isn't gaining enough support fast enough :(
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    Can Republicans stop legalization?

    Yes they can stop it. We need to get more people to vote for legalization.
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    Legalize It Nationwide

    The only way a petition like this is going to get 100k or more signatures is if it's put onto media sites, both political and entertainment.
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    36 plants

    So you're in South Africa?
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    The case to remove cannabis from the drug schedules completely

    I do agree with you, and believe me I am trying with calls to congress, etc... but it's that MOST people don't think anything they do will fix this because only the rich and powerful can. Which isn't entirely incorrect ... so what can we do to change people's hearts? Well, first off, we need a...
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    The case to remove cannabis from the drug schedules completely

    Yeah I don't think a lot of people know about it. Oh well. It's not like someone can't make another one.
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    Best of the best

    20 years huh? Wow... Takes me 10 years to get carpal tunnel. lol. Yeah I wonder if they have anything like "organic weed" yet or whatever... It's a great idea imo, like "organic tobacco"
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