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Does nobody care?


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This is about cannabis..

The weed industry is starting to crumble. I don't care about the legalization efforts... It's getting worse. More arrests and more prosecutions. Ultimately it will succeed in being decriminalized but nothing is getting better...
and I'm not saying that YOU who is reading this don't specifically care, but it seems to me like MOST people don't care!

What is going ON?! Why is nobody DOING anything? Are we all just waiting for 2018? What if it's too late by then?

Do you all feel hopeless or something? COME ON PEOPLE! Prohibitionists are LAUGHING at you and you're not doing anything.

They are yet to take away medical marijuana but that's gonna start happening soon. Very soon. Remember you all have till December.

I'm trying, I'm signing petitions and donating to DPA....

Here is a good article I think 29 states have legal pot. Jeff Sessions wants to stamp it out, and he's closer than you think


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I sign petitions, write in forums, talk to everyone that I know, email the news stations (to no avail, mind you), email my representatives (really, really, to no avail) and it gets me more and more frustrated. I have always looked at things this way...
It is always darkest...
Right before the light goes out!



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I don't think it is as bad as you fear. Bear in mind that this is my opinion and ill explain why.

Last week, AG Sessions testified to congress about the opioid crisis. In that hearing, congressional member (I do not recall) raised questions regarding cannabis. From what I recall, Sessions stated that "there was not enough competition" for cannabis farmers to provide cannabis for research. Even though he did state that there are 26 "permits" abvailable for farmers, that they don't need 26 farmers to provide cannabis for research. Reading between the lines, it appeared to me that the AG's stance on medical still stands as leaving it to the states. And he's stated that. Correct me if I am wrong, I do understand that once CA goes legal that wont affect MMJ prescriptions. I have not seen anything that states that after Jan 1 that MMJ prescriptions are no longer valid.

Now, I don't really take all of the AG's statements verbatim. However, I don't think the small personal growers that keep their MMJ prescriptions up do date after January, 2018 should really be too worried. As long as you follow your state, county, city guidelines we lessen the risks. I'm following the guidelines to the letter in respect to how many juveniles and adults I have. At the same time I am keeping my finger on the pulse of the industry as a whole. One thing that determines my growth is the county because i live out of city limits. It's rural. What is determining my future is the counties adjacent to where I live. See the county I live in only allows 6 adults. The county adjacent to mine is 20. That's where we're moving to next year. Not that I need 20 plants, but I plan on creating a nice "retirement" fund when the state sorts out the laws and permits. But until then, keep it low profile, stay within your city, county, state guidelines and don't get complacently greedy. We all fight the battle in different ways. But going backwards is not going to happen. That's for sure.





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Our group goes straight to the statehouse and harrasses and shmoozes the right people. We try to do as much as possible with normal , mass growers advocacy council and other stuff because fuck it , someone has to..We rolled a 100 foot joint thus last weekend just to bring attention to the whole situation..

It was weird holding a 1000 gram bone and having cops laugh about it and stuff. It was awesome. It got a lot of attention too...gotta be active I guess.
If we showed up at the white house a million strong we could effect any change we want ...one person is a wisper but thousands is a yell. We see things in Boston getting better ..
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