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    Mars Hydro TSW-2000 LED Grow Light Looking For Tester!

    Your lights are starting to head in the right direction. Keep up the good work. I am very happy you are on board and I can recommend your product to people on a budget for your great prices. Good luck to everyone who joins.
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    Zkittlez OG: Have you ever grown it?

    I just finished Gorilla zkittlez about 2 weeks ago and it is a very easy and forgiving plant. I hope this helps.
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    Kind LED K3 Series L600 LED Grow Light

    Are you mistaken the size by chance? That would be like 1500 square feet. No it definitely would not work.
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    Making your own Lactobacillus Serum

    This whole post of yours was very well written and easy to understand. Thanks
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    Why do my seedlings stretch?

    Not enough light. Sativa strain.
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    LED grams per watt

    I can get 1.5g per watt dried and cured very easily with my hlg 320watt in a 2x4 area.
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    Do I Need Fertilizer? Outdoors

    If you are looking for a very cheap or inexpensive fertilizer that is better for your plants than MG, try out plant products. They have a cheap all purpose 20-20-20 and 15-30-15 flower. This is better than MG, around the same price and actually works pretty well.
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    Are your leaves light green or yellow in colour

    I’ve been growing outdoors for 15 years and indoors for about 5 years. I am still always learning something new.
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    What Reflective Materials Can I Use For My Grow Room?

    You can get reflective insulation at any hardware store. It is very cheap, like half the price of anything else and helps with sound as well.
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    420 Magazine's Member of the Month: August 2019

    Very cool. I am very much enjoying these forums. You have quite a few giveaways which is awesome. Great to see you give to the community.
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    Powerdry mildew

    Also, you do not need much. Just spray the effected areas and if you are indoors wait until about 30 minutes before your lights go out. If outdoors then you should do it early morning or in the evening.
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    Powerdry mildew

    You can mix like a 1/4 cup of water with it but I have never done that. Just the milk and lemon juice. And yes, you foiler spray it.
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    Hello From Ontario Canada

    Welcome my friend. I am also from Ontario Canada. I am pretty far north. Good to see another Ontario grower.
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    Thought I’d register

    Thanks buddy, I am here to help others with what I can and also learn some other tricks and whatnot from others. We are all always learning something.
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