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  • Hey Scrogdawg
    I found your gg4 grow and been studying it a fair amount as I just started growing rdwc for the first time with gg4
    I have almost the same set up as you
    I'm new to this forum but I will be adding a grow journal very soon.
    Your set up and grow is amazing
    You are a master at what you do
    I will be following you and learning as much as I can from you along with what I learn on my own.
    My question if you don't mine answering is how did you dictate your top ups and res changes
    I'm stuck between changing my res regulatory and or between growth stages
    Should I find that sweet spot and add nutes to keep ppm the same or should I add ro water and let them fall
    Any wisdom you can Shead is greatly appreciated
    I look forward to your future grows
    Hey scrogdawg
    I was into inspired by your rdwc design and decided to try it out myself
    Now, I ended up getting 3" netpots and I thought that they would be a bit deeper...
    Do you think they are usable?
    I got regular seeds and I planned on doing 2-3 plants in 1 bucket till i can tell the sex and then just leave 1 plant per bucket.
    Net pots are about 2.5" deep so I figure the line going in the bucket is going to need to be at least 2" below the top..
    Is the top vale return line going to need to be 2" below top of bucket as well then?

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    by the time they show sex naturally they will be tangled beyond anything. are you running 24H light or 12/12 reveg to show sex early??
    You want to run the rdwc at 1.5 - 2 inches below the pots. The return water fills about half the return line so set your height to the middle of the return. If you need a higher level in the buckets till roots hit the water just pinch the valve on the return until you get your desired height in the buckets.
    Starting 2-3 plants in the same pot is just a bad idea as Purpsmagurps mentioned.
    Thanks I understand now.. I ended up ordering some auto fem seeds yesterday, figured it will be way less of a hastle to just spend few extra $$ then worrying about sexing and roots.

    Now, is the water level in my res going to be the same as the water levels in the buckets? Or is the water level in res based on how much total volume of water in the system? If i use a tote that say is 100L vs a tote that's 50L, am I going to need more water for the bigger res capacity?
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