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  • HI guys new DWC grower here,,just coming into the home straight on my 1st grow which was a Royal Haze auto,,,which has smashed my expections was only looking at 40-70gms couple of oz,,,but she going to smash through that,,,,as she got some big colas and still time to swell some more,,,so with this 1st grow being a success,,,so now I know the basics and can grow a plant in DWC,,,so was always looking long term,,,but needed to see if I could grow 1st,,,,so yeah got a grip on growing now, well the basics,,,so now time to take things up a notch,,,so yeah autos are great,,but long term it makes sense to go down the cuttings,,mother plant,,route,,,so thats the plan,,,,so swapping over to fem photo Bruce Banner F3,,,which Im going to veg out, and take some cuttings and see how things turn out,,,just wanting to learn all I can so then I know what works for me and whats most suited for my grow,,so going to keep all my journals on 1 page following in from the last,,,,
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