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  • hey Strat, gotta say, your designs are the stuff of urban legend my friend, I live in an apt as well, and followed your designs for the propagation and hydro bucket and will be following your plans for the grow box as well, would you be able to send me the plans, I've already downloaded the sketch program. once again man, genius designs, the prop bucket and the hydro bucket are ready to go, they just need a home!
    Hello Stratlogic,
    I really like your scrogger. I am brainstoriming how to build mine. I am reluctant to use chicken wire, and may not have enough support for heavy cotton string. What did you use for your scrogger? I saw the blue square but cannot tell what it is. Is it available at Lowes or Home depot? I love in a small city.
    Hey Strat!
    Your step by step has been awesome. I agree with everyone else, you sure know how to make good instructions. Do you have that sketch-up file by chance? That would be awesome. Do you also have a 4 foot version like theonlyhek asked? That would really help! Great job on the design!
    hey man,
    I have been reading and absorbing a lot of information from this site, it is pretty cool how nice and helpful everyone is.
    But, I was wondering if you still have that sketch-up file of the grow box you designed, also if it is not to much trouble... I was reading that you originally wanted to build it only to 4 feet. This sounds more practical for my situation, but my question is: whether you still have the four foot version.
    If not I could just modify the other file... thank you SO much.
    Thanks M8!:bong:
    hey man i just read the entire thread on your grow box back in 07, and i must say it was by far the most helpfull peice of information on the web i could find, after a long search so helpfull i just made this account to contact you so sorry for the lack of profile info! iam about to build a box, but iam not to smart on the whole thing, i understand the most of it but like temps and lighting cycles and nutrition. also the carbon filter is that just to cover the smell? and i once heard about using co2 in the air or something iam not sure, but if you have any helpfull guidlines plz feel free to let me know. oh again with the aweson step by step
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