• Hi Sunnyskies, You re the Winner of Photo of the Month. I sent you an e-mail about Mile HIGH Cleaner from jberry@milehighcleaner.com. I can send prize once we know what you need. here is a copy of the e-mail.
    You are the big winner! Plant of the month! Congratulations!

    I am Jim Berry with Mile HIGH Cleaner (MHC). Since MHC is so versatile, I want to send you the correct free item

    MHC works in the Grow, extraction or cleaning paraphernalia from toking. Your priorities will determine which product is best for you. If you smoke from a bong rig or water pipe by far the best deal is the Deluxe cleaning kit. It has all the tools that you will need to clean any pipe. bong or rig.

    Could you please answer a few questions so that I can help you determine which product would be best for you. And for marketing…

    If this is for the grow the following may not apply
    1. If you smoke, what from?
    2. How often do you normally clean it
    3. What do you currently use to clean?
    4. How long does it take to clean?
    5. Does it work 100% or does it sometimes leave spots?
    6. Do you like using your current cleaner?
    7. Does it have any odors or irritations like making your eyes water?
    8. What is the best thing about your current method of cleaning?
    9. What is the WORST thing about your current method of cleaning?
    10. Can you send a photo of the hard to clean piece?
    Last question. Would you please watch this YouTube video?

    Look over our products to see what you think but let’s discuss it before I send your winnings but if you are a toker, I suggest the Deluxe cleaning kit.
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    Merry Christmas from the freezing cold north. All the best.
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    Merry Christmas from a volcanic rock in the middle of the pacific!! Hope you and your ohana have a blessed and safe Christmas!!
    I have a very good friend and fellow toker who is a dive master out on one of those rocks in the Pacific lol. Sending back the good vibes brah.
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    Get plenty of us here who love the ocean and burn my Braddah lol kind of a way of life! Mahalos!!
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