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  • First post! Long time journal reader. Thanks to those who have put in the hard work for newer growers to get a head start.

    First week of flowering, two vanilla frosting clones in FFOF/perlite mix soil. Using Fox Farm nutes and additives with no solubles, half ish strength, details to come, feeding one-two times a week, watering 2-4 times a week. Maintaining 58% RH during veg at 80 degrees F. Now flowering I switched to 48% RH for flowering at 80 degrees F. Night temps are 73 degrees with 45% RH.

    Using Mad Farmer MOAB soluble and Terpinator at the moment. CMH Phillips 3100k 315W, with two 32W LED grow panels under canopy optimized in red and blue to ensure the whole plant sees uniform spectral intensity distribution.

    I’ll be making a grow journal soon to detail every variable from pH to RH to spectral intensity etc.

    Good luck out there!
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