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    Drip system

    how often do you change your water in your waterfarm system? RoorRip
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    I love Hawaiian nuggage!

    Re: I love Hawaiian nuggage!! Dog the bounty hunter is no longer in Hawaii....dude's show is in colorado now or somethin..he lost the show in hawaii after all that controversy he was involved in....not sure if you heard abt it......
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    Alientic's 1st Grow of PPP, Snow White and Supergirl

    ... the 1st place in the US where MJ was used recreationally ... know your MJ history!!!!!! :yummy::yummy::yummy: RoorRip
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    Drip system

    thanks hippie.....thats my white widow right there :ganjamon: i love her to death.....hahaha please let me know how your plants react to the 24/7 drip...
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    Drip system

    so for flowering & vegging you leave your pump on ALL the TIME?? no kinda nute burn or n e thing?? hmmmmm :bong:
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    How often should i give nutrients to hydro

    thanks terry...:rollit: that definitely helps....i'm not sure if you're familiar w/ the waterfarm 8pk kit but do you think watering 3 times a day for 2 mins a time is sufficient for that set up? also, do you water only when the lights are on?
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    I just can't believe it

    Re: I just can't believe it...... here's a pic......i paid $89 for it and it came w/ the 6 pots, 3 part GEN HYDO nutes, a bag of hydroton, cocotek liner & caps and the pump. definitely going to make good use of this in junction with the waterfarm 8 pk unit i have....i hear that this...
  8. rainforest


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    Distilled Water?

    whats the ppm of your distilled water ajaniV?
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    WaVancouver's Guide to Foliar Feeding

    what's sea tea?
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    Alientic's 1st Grow of PPP, Snow White and Supergirl

    definitely like what i see so far...I'm using pretty much the same type of set up as far as the rapid rooters & drip system go...just got some snow white female seeds in the mail yesterday so i'll definitely be watching how your grow turns out! once i get mine going i might put some pics up...
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    Rapid Rooter ... just leaving the grow room & need help!

    24/7 huh.....how long do you keep it going for 24/7 until you start cycling the drip? and what type of cycle do you use? I just want to make sure i'm not overwatering; I see so many people on this forum say they do it for 15 on/15 off but im not too clear on what that means....is that on a per...
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    Bubble Bags

    I'm definitely going to look into this........wow
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    Hydroton cleaning

    yeah this is a good question....i've seen on a few grow journals where people soak their hydroton in pH 5.5-6.0 water in between grows.... im honestly not really sure why this done....
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