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  • Buddy, SciGuy gave me your reference, I had a few queries about some LEDs that I have gotten.

    Well to give you all the knowledge I have about them, the LEDs are a set of traffic signals with the red and yellow LEDs working . On each plate on which the LEDs are connected it is written 2.2k x 54 or RS220 x 54. I have 2 plates with the Red LEDs and one plate with Yellow LEDs. I also have a few low powered white CFLs. I wanted to knw how I could optimize these lights and especially for the LEDs how far I should keep them from the top, growing 4 plants in claypots in a cool-cold environment. any and all advice you can give me will be appreciated
    “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.†That memorable phrase came from the mouth of Winston Churchill, during a speech he gave to the British Parliament in 1939, when trying to describe Russian action.

    Prince Charles and Hilary Clinton have compared Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, to Adolf Hitler. President Obama has declared Russia one of the three major threats that face the world today, along with the terrorist group ISIS and the Ebola disease. And one only has to look to NATO’s twitter page to find their animosity towards Russia. But is this hostility warranted? An obvious “yes†would be said by anyone who accepts Western media as honest, unbiased journalism when they report on Russia’s actions in Ukraine and its involvement in that crisis.

    But if one were to look beyond the Western propaganda, and straight to the facts, one could reasonably conclude that Russia has acted prudently and sensibly.
    Странно вы хотели бы назвать себя после нашего избранного лидера? хороший выбор
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