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  1. B

    100 dollar setup? 150?

    Hey Guys, Bainser360Pwn here, i got a couple questions i really need help with. Im a nooblet grower Any i have so many question but i dont want to be a bother and post 300 different ones lol. so ill just ask my main concerning ones. I want to get into the growing business. NOT TO DISTRIBUTE...
  2. C

    ChicagoJoe's 1st Grow - SCROG - 150W - Suggestions Welcome

    This is my first attempt at an indoor grow. Over last summer, we had a few seeds sprout outside from some bag seed. Not sure of the strain, but the one we kept indicates indica with short internodes and big fat leaves. The plant budded strong, but got a little budrot in Sept, so we harvested...
  3. Nesnarb

    2'x2.5'x3.5' Cab Ventilation/Lights Question?

    Hello everyone i plan on building a 2' deep 2.5' Wide and 3.5' Tall cabinet. I've decided to join the 150watt club. I'm going for the pc fan venting and I just picked up a 12volt 120mm fan that is rated for 69cfm that i plan to use for an active intake and to get the air moving around the lower...
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