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100 dollar setup? 150?


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Hey Guys, Bainser360Pwn here, i got a couple questions i really need help with. Im a nooblet grower Any i have so many question but i dont want to be a bother and post 300 different ones lol. so ill just ask my main concerning ones.
I want to get into the growing business. NOT TO DISTRIBUTE. Personal use, like enough to smoke at least a couple bowls a day, and have about 3 smoke buddies all day saturday at least twice a month. I want a VERY discrete setup with soil. I live in the southern U.S. so please keep this in mind for my questions! Thanks guys! i appreciate you for even reading this little intro!

1. How many plants would i need to support the habit/ hobby i explained above?
2. I'm really terrible at making decisions. I have to have a soil grow/potting soil and it has to be grown outdoors. Whats the best/most common brand of soil to use for this?
3. I want my plants to be portable. ( to hide or bring in from the cold, etc.) Is 5 gallon Buckets Efficient/acceptable?
4. What is a good plant fertilizer and how to use it?
5.Can someone explain the nutrients needed or give a hyperlink to a good, easy read?
6. Is there anyone out there who can be a personal mentor for me? to teach me the ropes and ways? I would like to message you through kik and explain my situations more in depth and probably become great friends :)


Thanks guys, Yall are an amazing community!


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Thanks Dabrat, ive been reading and trying to understand the First link since i found the site, theres just so many technical names and it doesnt seem like there is alot of info on growing it outdoors on that link that i can understand even though ive read all the links a multitude of times. It has to be discrete because the head of narcotics lives 2 houses down from me ( maybe a football field in lenghth) and as for the 2nd link thanks! are any of these avaliable at Marvins? thats my nearest place, if not where can i go to buy them or order them online? Good Luck on your grow! :thanks:


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I'm no expert, but from what I have learned from this site: There is no right or wrong way to grow. $100? Sure can! It's good to start small and learn...


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did u eber get that grow up and goin? do u still live by the police

Throughout the past year my place of living has varied. I am however back at square one at my house 3 doors down. I have been doing my research and and am currently trying to start a very discreet grow ops that consists of the Cash Crop 4.0 and some selective seed purchases. regardless to say Operations should be in effect in less than 6 months :) Im tihnking autoflowering seeds? and specific strains worthy of recommendations? I want at least one high CBD, THC, and a good Hybrid ( one of the plants i want to be purple buds). THANKS!!!!
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