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  • damn miss fox!
    you grow some pretty nice dank ;) any other grows going on?? its been a while, say 08 since your last grow journal??
    Hey I know I can prObably search hard and find it but when using hydroponics what's a cheap way to bring ph level down
    A 420 poem

    420s a place
    to learn and grow
    its threads are laced
    for plants
    all you need to know
    its also filled with care
    its people
    honest and true
    other sites
    cannot compare
    420s arms
    are open for you
    Great luck,but with you Ms.Fox its skill with the 1000 watt grow,I dont know if everyone
    knows you are 1 of the better growers around here not just another pretty face.
    I'm sure school is going great,but we all miss you too!your friend always,Spike
    Hey there pretty lady!Haven't been around for awhile and I was just popping in to see if anyone I had met here was still around.I see you are so I hope you are well and life is treating you good! ~Minus
    im gonna try to upload some pics but if they let me .. come by a nd chck out my grow , thank you have a good day
    Being as I'm new here I didn't know you were on a hiatus, I have read a few posts with your input and welcome you back also!
    Well Hey you, glad to see you are peeking in on us.... I hope life is treating you well, and hope to see you back here more.... You hang in there and as always... Be IRIEEEEEE
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