1. G

    First Grow Setup Advice From An Expert?

    Hey all! So I’m going to be starting my first grow on 4/20 and wanted to make preparations in advance! Do you think that my amazon list + mother earths 70/30 coco perlite mix and (3) 5 gallon smart pots makes a good starting setup? Any recommended replacements for anything (like different...
  2. A

    For the pros: Cabinet grow room setup?

    Hey guys new to the scene. Im just about ready to start growing but want to make sure I'm on the right path. I'm growing in a cabinet about 1.5ft x 2.5ft x 6ft~ (Approx 450mm x 800mm) Growing autoflowers looking into sea of green growing method so hoping for 6 plants. 1st time grow so open to...
  3. IMG_20180404_1133097.jpg


    Space Constraints!
  4. D

    Northern Lights Indoor Soil Grow By D4U2G0 - 2018

    Hey everybody, this is my third attempt growing and my second attempt with my current setup. Everything I've learned about growing is just by researching the web, so any tips or tricks are welcome. This also is my first time posting here, please be gentle if I screw up. Thanks in advance to all...
  5. D

    New tent setup

    Hey, figured this is the place to ask a question, seeing how every growing related search ends up on these forums. I'm about to purchase my first tent and just wanted to make sure i'm heading in the right direction. I left brand out as im not sure how important that is. Looking at running 5...
  6. M

    Grow Plan

    Hi everyone! I'm going to start my first grow in a week or so and am looking for opinions. My setup is: - Auto Speed Bud Feminised Seeds .. by Female Seeds - Indoor tent for up to 3 plants, full standard setup for a ''bubbleponics'' system - 600W LED light MarsHydro... what I could...
  7. philthegeek

    Philthegeek Growing Again

    Hi all, back again after some tinkering. Last grow harvested 5 plants max 50cm high for 4.8 oz of buds. Please excuse the poor quality photos. My current setup. The plants are cuttings @ 15 days "as cuttings". Getting decent root development after snipping, dipping in clonex...
  8. bipolar

    My New Grow Setup

    The equipment I ordered finally arrived. I have been putting together my grow setup for the past few days. A 5'x5' grow tent a 6" filter and fan 2 Mars Epistar 160 LED lights. It is a deep water system. The plastic tubs are 102 liters or 25 gallons, each one has five 5" mesh pots and two air...
  9. Torst

    Vertical HID Grow

    This is my first attempt after seeing a good friend pull off 6lbs (dry) with a 2kw vertical setup. I think I am sold on vertical, this is just one 1000w HPS!
  10. Why Doe

    My new indoor setup

    Just wanted to share! Spent the last few hours tearing down the old tent and setting up the new. Becides harvest day, setup day is my favorite! Any questions feel free to ask :)
  11. Heraldo

    Setup advice for Heraldo

    My current setup is an aerogarden with about 100w CFL in a 30x60x80cm (1x2x2.6 if you're more of a feet person) DIY closet. It can handle 1 plant and usually yields a bit under 1oz. Would upgrading to LED be worth my while? Nothing too fancy. I have my eye on a 150w light I could fit in the...
  12. X

    Flush question - This is my setup in video

    Can you tell me if 16 degree celsius is too cold for cannabis plant? Only 10 days left so far before it does 60 days of flowering time on 12/12 timer. I did a video of my little setup Since i dont have a filter and a fan inside the grow tent. How many time should i flush per week? I...
  13. L

    My first grow - Advice needed

    Hey Guys and gals, First post to the forum, been cruisin around the site educating myself for sometime now. My registration for legal growin should be through any day now :high-five: and I'm beginning to plan for my first grow, super excited. I could use some advice on a setup that...
  14. Z

    My First Grow!

    Ordered seeds from a far away land with high hopes to be on my way to cannabis freedom. I decided to go with a hydro setup, I also am building my own lights and power supplies. Here are some facts about the setup: What strain is it? Northern Storm AF Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What...
  15. S

    Solar lights setup

    Hi. I am trying to make grow lights setup which i should be able to run on solar pannels. I am not good with electronics, just want to know which and how many leds will work best for a 9 plants setup. Or if you have any idea about used grow lights with dimming feature. Please let me know.
  16. Growingmaster

    Black Diamond Perfect Sun Club

    So good day growers;)welcome every1;) :welcome::thumb::circle-of-love::volcano-smiley:this thread is for all the growers that are running any of ledrf aka niels awsome blackdiamond perfectsun lights.this is the place to show off ur grow and ur plants for all to see.also will be great to compare...
  17. rct420

    Need advice on how to setup this room

    5x5x8 closet grow with attic door for ventilation and I have a 1000w 8in cooltube hps and 750 cfm inline fan and carbon filter and 25ft ducting . Just wanting knowing the best way to the set it up would be ? Also I am going completely organic is that a good idea ?Also i have 4 plants going right...
  18. J

    CFL and LED?

    Hello all, I am new to the forums and new to growing all together. My current setup consists of a 36" x 36" x 72" grow tent with single MarsHydro Mars300 LED Full Spectrum grow light (with a second on the way.) Whilst chatting with a coworker, he recommended that I add some CFL lights. I...
  19. U

    I would like more lighting - But how?

    I am going to be getting a 600watt LED Mars Hydro, the original series, but I have read quite frequently that its not strong enough for the flowering stage. I'm think CFL's, 2700k as I think I'll have enough lighting for a good Veg cycle. I'm not wanting to spend much money for additional...
  20. R

    Help to put together a setup

    Hi! Can somebody with knowledge help me choose a tent size, carbon filter size m3.... Im planning to buy platinum led p600 (600w) And i have two 150 w hps. Also im planning to buy alien easy feed self watering system with 8x16L pots (soil). Is this light enough for 8 plants or more /less...
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