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Hey all! So I’m going to be starting my first grow on 4/20 and wanted to make preparations in advance! Do you think that my amazon list + mother earths 70/30 coco perlite mix and (3) 5 gallon smart pots makes a good starting setup? Any recommended replacements for anything (like different nutrient combos for growing top shelf autoflowers) within the included photo list?


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I just use Promix HP. Unless you love chugging water. Coco takes more watering.

And the lights need to evenly cover the area and should be adjustable. Probably 300 PAR when young and up to 1000 PAR when bud building.


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I'd probably opt for a bit better light.
Maybe the 250w Budget LED I think it's called the Series 3+ red spec or something to that effect.
Think it's around $350 but can get a few % off with a coupon code.
Probably need two of them for a 4 x 4 if you want to fill it up.

That Vivosun is probably around 300w I would guess and has quite a bit lower efficiency.

Or if you're remotely handy, then you could build your own 325w strip light for about $380.

And I'd probably go with Nectar for the Gods nutrients.
Get their free starter pack, pay for shipping which will probably be somewhere around $25.

And I can virtually guarantee that $32 clip fan is identical to this $12 one just with a different name on it.

Look for the Genesis 6" clip on fan, its $12.20
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Probably the best advice I’ve gotten throughout the forums I’ve posted on! Thanks again guys. Because I’m only growing three autoflowers (tangie’matic, Girl Scout Cookies, and Cream Cookies), I’ve decided to scale my tent down to a 3’X3’. I will be putting two in the back and one front and center! Also going with the promix instead of coco perlite mix! Do you guys think I could be solid with just one led covering 2-3 plants with my setup, any thoughts on the “ AGLEX COB 2000 Watt LED “? Budget isn’t too tight but under a $1000 in total would be amazing :)
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This light would be perfect for a 3x3.

24" x 26"
You could easily just make it 24" x 30" and spread the strips out a bit more.

325w very even coverage.
Not sure when they got another batch coming in but when they do you need to preorder because they sell out fast.

I'd scrimp on everything but the light.


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