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    Auto thunder bloody mary Top veiw December 29 2018 Day 11 from sprouting
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    Auto thunder bloody mary Close up December 26 2018 Day 8 from sprouting
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    Auto thunder bloody mary December 21 2018 Day 3 from sprouting
  4. Kongfuzi

    Kongfuzi Tries Out Limited Run Photos & Autos Too

    Alright sports fans, we’re officially kicking off my second grow with a lot of photos and a couple of autos just to see what they got for me. I added more soil and slightly less aeration to the mix, with more silica and carbon added directly to the soil to save my ass the trouble later. The...
  5. A

    For the pros: Cabinet grow room setup?

    Hey guys new to the scene. Im just about ready to start growing but want to make sure I'm on the right path. I'm growing in a cabinet about 1.5ft x 2.5ft x 6ft~ (Approx 450mm x 800mm) Growing autoflowers looking into sea of green growing method so hoping for 6 plants. 1st time grow so open to...
  6. GeOMaTTiC

    Autoflowering Acupulco Gold

    Greetings, long time reader, first time contributor. While these are my first plants I have been growing of this type, I do have a background in horticulture, so its not that difficult for me to pick up on. My first seeds (one Acupulco Gold AF and one Snow White AF) were started back in late...
  7. R

    Poor Man's Grow With Home Depot LED Lighting

    So I had posted this in the "introduce yourself" thread and decided it would be better here since I'm going to continuously upload progress and photos, This is a super budget grow , with only $70 being spent on the room and $60 on the seeds , the seeds are bubblegum and sour kush autoflowering...
  8. S

    Anxious about my first grow: Needing some guidance

    I'm hoping to make this a comprehensive guide for those living down under and are first time growers. I'm currently waiting for my seeds arrive and want to have the necessary products and set up ready to start my grow. First off I would like to thank any help given. I'm growing some...
  9. B

    6wk Auto, yellow leaves and brown spots (new grower need help!)

    Hi all, quite a newbie to growing. Have 4 auto flowers growing in a Wilma plant pot system in a 120 tent set up. 3 are Blue Kush Auto and one is Auto Sour Melon all just over 6weeks old and have started flowering. Plants are a bit stunted due to trial and error. 600w lights on 24/0. Currently...
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    24 Carat
  11. Kongfuzi

    Kongfuzi Grows Some Autos: A First Time Grower Goes All In

    Hey y’all, long time reader, first time grower. Indoor inside a tent using the best I could afford because honestly weed gets expensive and 200 a week could be going to other things tbh. Let’s go over the setup: 6x4x7 HLG tent with HLG550 V2 light @ 3000k - (1) 6 inch Infinity Cloudline T6...
  12. InTheShed

    How I perform LST, low stress training, on my Autoflowers: lots of pics!

    Greetings all! I've had members ask about how I do my LST (low stress training) on my plants so I thought I would do a pictorial on it. My pics are of two different plants but don't let that confuse you. It's just easier to demonstrate that way. Let's discuss the theory behind LST for a...
  13. 420


    Wappa Auto
  14. AfromanDunDaDa

    First Time Grower-First Time Fluxing (Oh yeah...did I mention it's an auto-flower)

    Greetings fellow growers! Afroman here and I'm probably in WAY over my head. I'm a first time grower attempting my hand at "fluxing", or as others refer to, a very extensive alternative to mainlining. This technique is tested and proven to provide a generous mass of product in the end. For the...
  15. T

    First Indoor Grow: Problem Identification Help

    Hi! First post here, discovered 420magazine through reading about bud washing and Doc Bud. To the point, this is muy first Indoor Grow, I have a - 1,20x1,20x2,00 M tent, - 315w Solux LEC (CMH) - Plus simple humidifier, CO2 Boost from fungi and a little moving fan. With - 10 +Speed autos...
  16. Veedubgrow

    Red Dwarf under the Maxbloom x4plus

    This red dwarf is blowing up under this light im loving it the performance is awesome on this light and im not even full power yet! Led: maxbloom x4plus Medium: cocoloco Nutrients: coldwar organics bud bread Tent: triangle vivosun Co2: tnb naturals Cant wait to see how big this beast gets!
  17. MrSauga

    Sauga's Ride On The Pineapple Express

    Hi everyone, and welcome to my second Journal here at :420: This time around we are going with FastBuds Auto Pineapple Express. I have four beans on the go. Two will be planted in Promix HP and using the AN nute line. The other two will be in an organic potting mix, with MegaCrop and Kelp...
  18. Cheesesteak Enthusiast

    Cheesesteak's Soil Amnesia Haze Auto & Stardawg Grow Journal, 2018

    Hi! Figured I'd keep a journal here for all who are interested, as well as to gain some feedback on what I can improve, or any red flags that some see that I may not. It's my first grow, so, I am open to suggestions! I am growing: Amnesia Haze Auto (Sativa-dom) purchased from a seed bank, and a...
  19. Cheesesteak Enthusiast

    Possible Heat Stress?

    Hi. I have two plants growing right now at different intervals and I wanted to gain a few opinions on whether this may be heat stress or if I am just the one stressing. This is my first grow, and have already gone through a lot of trial but mostly error, so very open to feedback. Here's some...
  20. xZenn

    First Time Grower: Indoor DWC Critical Purple Autoflower Grow Journal

    First time grower here decided to do a journal just in case I had any question's or if anything went wrong, I have a fair amount of knowledge after browsing the web for quite a while and very excited for this project. Material's used: - AgroMax 2x4 tent - High-Yield Lighting Timer Outlet - 1...