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    Chi-Chi Harvest @ 82 Days TRIM TEAM
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    Chi-Chi Harvest @ 82 Days Gelato Auto WSE seed @Weed Seeds Express @Mars Hydro @Prescription Blend
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    Chi-Chi Harvest @ 82 Days Gelato Auto WSE seed @Weed Seeds Express @Mars Hydro @Prescription Blend
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    Chi-Chi Harvest @ 82 Days Gelato Auto WSE seed @Weed Seeds Express @Mars Hydro @Prescription Blend
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    Chi-Chi Harvest @ 82 Days Gelato Auto WSE seed @Weed Seeds Express @Mars Hydro @Prescription Blend
  6. Mbunaaddict

    Quadlining an Auto! Who did it?

    Ive searched, and given up. Who's the auto guru??! Going from photos outside to autos inside.... Lots of learning to still do. Here's a link. Thread '6x2 with 100w from the wall LED Cheese Auto - Dos and don'ts?' 6x2 with 100w from the wall LED Cheese Auto - Dos and don'ts?
  7. The Familam

    The Familam

    Back left - Lavender Best Week 5 Back right - Caramel King Week 7 Front left - Bruce Banner 2 (photoperiod) 19 Days Front right - Wedding Cake (photoperiod) 19 Days As soon as the two autos are harvested I will switch to 12/12 I plan to up-pot to 20 L / 5 gal pots at just about the same time.
  8. Caramel King Day 49

    Caramel King Day 49

    Seven weeks old today. Her pistils are turning caramel colored as the buds fatten and mature.
  9. MegaBudz

    MegaBudz - CBD Lemon Auto Grow - Cheap Lights - Good Soil - STS Fem Seeds

    About Me: I frequented these forums as far back as 2013 trolling for grow info of every kind. I finally created an account in 2017 with intentions to make a grow journal. Then life just got too busy and I was unable to, eventually shutting down my grow. I learned so much from these forums...
  10. C

    Light cycle help

    Hey..Please help!! Just worried about electricity expenses.. I was started with light cycle 24/0 for best results, but then i realized that this is not necessary.. Everything was fine with 20/4 in past. So what will happen if ill switch the lights from 24/0 to 20/4 my baby plants? 12days young...
  11. VetSmoke85

    Need a hand diagnosing this one please

    Hi all! Here is my 6 week old autoflower Pineapple Express. She's in a 2 litre hempy bucket. Being fed prescription blend nutrients at week 3 flowering dose on the chart below. Feed is adjusted to pH 5.8-6.0. Bucket reservoir holds 650ml and she is emptying that and being refilled daily. This...
  12. N

    Beginner Grow Journal, Autoflower Coco Coir, COB LED Grow

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my noobie grow journal! I will be looking forward to meet and learn from all the wonderful people in this website. Here's a little information about my grow: Tent: 2x2x5 feet Light: 150W COB LED (18 hours on/ 6 hours off) Fans: 4 Inch exhaust, 1 small fan for...
  13. B

    Let's talk about my grow

    Hey everyone so I want to show y'all my plants and start a discussion. Rather than posting a wall of text telling you all about my process and the set up I use I will tell you the essentials, ask a few questions and then have you guys continue the discussion with any questions you have for me...
  14. B

    Any advice for growing seedlings with 600w HID?

    Hey everyone, I am new here and am almost ready to start my first grow. I live in Virginia but just now getting ready to start my indoor grow. This forum is a great place for sharing and learning and I'm really excited to become more deeply involved. Does anyone have any advice for me on...
  15. B

    What is the difference in weeks in grow time for autoflower vs fast growing?

    It has been incredibly difficult for me to find knowledge about the difference between fast growing and auto flowering plants. I know that GENERALLY I could say that: -Photoperiod strains grow seed to harvest in about 21 weeks. -autoflower strains grow seed to harvest in about 10 weeks -fast...
  16. C

    Yellowing on the edges of autoflower?

    Hey guys, I've been growing a northern lights autoflower for the last 2-3 weeks. She seems to be doing alright albeit with a few issues. I'm seeing a yellowing on the edges of some of the leaves and I want to make sure I nip this in the butt before it becomes an issue. I don't imagine it should...
  17. Krissi Carbone

    Completed Krissi's Dutch Monkey In A Barrel: A CannaPot Sponsored Banana Blaze Grow, Using Prescription Blend

    If you guys didn't think I was loco already, this is my side project journal starting up in a couple weeks when I drop my newest autoflower, Banana Blaze. This is a partnership with CannaPot and this particular strain comes from Dutch Passion Seeds. I will also be running a sponsored...
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    Day 13 of Hotz
  19. Perfect Sun LED

    Coco & Hempy LED Autoflower & A Huge Photo Carnival

    Hey, in this grow we are doing some autos while we veg out the big Photo (Carnival). One of the autos will be grown in pure perlite Hempy bucket. Lights: Perfect Sun Goliath v2 and Max Yield. Nutrients: Perfect Nutrients. Autoflower strains: NYC diesel(Advanced Seeds), Incredible Bulk(Dr...
  20. 20211210_121737.jpg


    Here we go. Hotz 1
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