1. N

    A helping hand to ensure flowering

    Hi guys and girls Ok, i know there is a lot of threads on this subject, and i have some answers that could help. However, I would like to post a few pics, and maybe someone can comment before i try out solutions. My autoflower OG kush are 72 days old. In the start i added organic compost in my...
  2. Growwithme420

    Purple Cheese Autoflower By Autoseeds

    Just finished up my Purple Cheese by Autoseeds. A specially created autoflowering cross of Purple #1, Blue Cheese and Auto #1 (Lowryder/Ruderalis). The addition of the Ruderalis and Purple #1 has allowed us to reduce the overpowering cheese odour whilst maintaining a tight, compact flower...
  3. Purple Stilton

    Purple Stilton

    Purple Stilton
  4. Purple Stilton

    Purple Stilton

    Purple Stilton
  5. elunex

    Elune's Alien OG & Ogre Autoflowers in Coco

    This is my second grow. I welcome any kinds of criticism or suggestions. I realize that I am still learning, and looking forward to doing so in the process of keeping this grow journal. This is my first experience with autoflowers. Strain(s): Ogre & Alien OG (From GreenSmokeRoom) Type of Seed...
  6. FelipeBlu

    Auto Jack 2 - A Re-Veg Story

    Well, if you’ve followed the last grow, you may recall that I harvested the Auto Jack on May 6 at 112 days. So, after a couple of days drying out in the dark garage, I put the remains in the backyard portable greenhouse, provided lightly-fertilized (350ppm of 3N-1P-3K w/ CaMg and Si)...
  7. H

    Sweet Seeds FastBud #2 Auto - Indoor Box Grow

    Hello everyone! So this is my second grow, Here’s a link to my first completed grow:- South Indian Sativa LED SOG Experiment Now, let’s get started with my new grow! The setup is gonna be the same as my previous grow, I am gonna be posting pictures soon. So far here are some details i would...
  8. Dr kripplings chocolate orange auto

    Dr kripplings chocolate orange auto

    This girls impressed me alot! All she has had for her whole life spam is non-consistant light cycles - late feedings - waterings - & still shes a beauty! Auto's do what the fuck they want! Amazed!!!!!!
  9. Growwithme420

    My Biggest Auto To Date

    hey all, I grew this Chem OG seed to harvest in 72 days. I am really amazed at the size of the main cola.
  10. Chem OG Autoflower

    Chem OG Autoflower

    Grown under a Kind K3 l600w LED. Promix HP General Hydroponics Element XXX
  11. Corleone8

    Northern Lights Auto Flower - Soil - Indoors - 400W

    Starting this journal for anyone that wants to follow along, but more importantly; so that I can harvest tips. Its my first grow. Had 10 seeds, germinated 1, this it her below. Im on day 21. Sorry for the late post. For the record, I put the seed in tap water for 18 hours, (didn't air the water...
  12. Chem OG Cola

    Chem OG Cola

    Lego man doin' his thang!
  13. Chem OG Autoflower

    Chem OG Autoflower

    Chem OG Autoflower grown under Kind K3 l600w
  14. Chem OG Autoflower Version

    Chem OG Autoflower Version

  15. Auto Cem OG

    Auto Cem OG

  16. Into 7th wk.jpg

    Into 7th wk.jpg

    Into the 7th week autos
  17. Bbbbud.jpg


    Bonsai bud
  18. A

    First time grower - Autoflower super soil question

    So I'm planning on planting an autoflower seed or two.. or three, .. my problem is that I would like to visit said plants as few times as possible so I've been looking into 'super soils' from what I've read the BioBuzz all mix is too hot for seedling to begin growth in, but the BioBuzz light mix...
  19. Michal and pichal at watering time

    Michal and pichal at watering time

  20. AJGreenMT

    Tangerine Dream Auto T5/CFL Indoor First Grow

    Hi, new grower here, just experimenting in the basement in a low budget way and hoping for some support. I've been learning as I go, mainly by reading lots of great info from threads on here. I have been meaning to start a journal ever since my seeds first popped but haven't gotten to it...