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Hey! First timer here. Spent a LONG time doing research and have finally started my grow. I have started this a bit late... I am currently on day 21 above ground! So far, I think things are going ok :).

Already learnt a ton. Had some underwatering issues at the beginning, was underdoing the nutrients as well so have corrected myself in those areas. Working in a small 40cm x 40xm x 120cm tent, so making sure to train her and getting the airflow right. Have also been keeping an eye on VPD which has been fairly straightforward so far. Have a supplemental tube heater inside the tent as it is cold here and a little humifider. Running 20/4 lighting but VPD range has held up so far so very happy on that front.

Now for the pictures...

Day 5 above ground - Planted directly in the autopot once it had germinated.

1 - CqdfjL2.jpg

Day 16 above ground - Started some LST a few days before this was taken. Started it early enough that I managed a really sharp bend on the main stem, no damage or anything. Reflecting on this, I would probably have let the plant grow a little more to get some height in. You can see it is really close to the ground now which I am currently trying to remedy now.

Raised the lights here as well, had them a bit low even though they were dimmed so I had a little bit of light burn and wilting but they have bounced back.

I turned the autopots on around this day as well as the plant leaves had reached the side of the pot.

2 - qqnTfY8.jpg

Day 22 above ground - VERY bushy, can see the LST has paid off already. Canopy isn't as even as I would like but I have remove some stakes for now. Want to give it a couple of days to see what it does, ideally, I want a bit more height from the original side stems, then I will stake them down again. Currently using the Canna A and B light feeding schedule which is at 2ml of each per litre, just mixed up another 4L for the res and will see how the next few days go and if she needs it a bit stronger. I've got some CalMag handy should I need it, but I do have very hard water.

I will try to update in another 5 days and by then, I hope to have more height to play with and can improve the canopy a bit more. :thumb:

3 - Skllc2w.jpg

Strain/s: FastBuds Original Jack Herer Auto
Genetic Makeup: Sativa
Pot/Bucket Size: 5litre
Tent Size: 40 x 40 x 120cm
How Many Plants: 1
Environment: Indoor
Stage: Veg
Medium: 70% Coco Coir 30% Perlite
Lights: 100 Watt LED
Nutrients: Canna Coco A & B
Room/Tent Temperature: 24°
Relative Humidity: 70%
Res PH: 5.4
Pests: None
Watering: Autopots - Continuous
Day 28 above ground. Had some questions this week about some of the holes in the leaves and some white bumps. Consensus was it might be the start of mites, possible over handling. Purchased a loupe to be able to properly check the leaves but wasn't able to find any mites, have checked every single day but unable to see anything. Also put out a sticky trap in case there are any flying insects to catch but nothing. Will keep a close eye especially as I am coming into pre-flower.

Raised the lights and had the humidifier off the last few days as the humidity can be a bit lower now. Keep about 60% humidity without any additional help and about 23 degrees on temps quite easily.

Had a nice amount of growth this week, have laid off the training and I can see around 6/7 bud sites coming through. Canopy is fairy even.

20231208_194159 - Copy.jpg

20231208_194217 - Copy.jpg
Day 30 - Given it a good spray with some diluted neem, done just as the lights when off to prevent them being burnt. Have not missed the smell of neem, vile but feel a bit happier now it's been done. Did a tiny bit of LST today just to bring one of the higher bud sites down level and to expose another one to more light. Looking forward to seeing what the week brings, they seem a lot happier over the last few days.

Currently feeding with the Canna coco A/B normal feeding schedule. Autopots are working like a charm, absolutely love them. Will be great once they really start chugging.

20231210_191836 - Copy.jpg

20231210_191906 - Copy.jpg

20231210_191809 - Copy.jpg

20231210_191843 - Copy.jpg
Day 36 - what a great week. Got a little more height which is exactly what I wanted, did small amounts of LST just to pull out some of the branches away from the centre. Mainly to expose a couple of extra budsites and to give some air to the canopy.

Did some like defoliation during to open up the bottom and remove leaves that could not get light.

Overall, super happy with the growth this week. Upped the canna nutes to 2.3ml per litre and no complaints.

Hoping to see some more height in the buds now but things are really starting to pick up.

20231216_170822 - Copy.jpg

20231216_170836 - Copy.jpg

20231216_170810 - Copy.jpg
Day 43

Looks to be just focussing on the buds now. I have stopped moving branches now and I am just leaving it to see what it does. Trying to keep an eye on the bud sites as well to make sure there are no issues with pests. Noticed the middle of the canopy had some moisture but this was likely as I moved the fan away slightly. Will look to do some light defoliation over the next few days to make sure air can circulate properly around the bud sites.

She has responded well to the increased nutrients and has gotten slightly darker which is great to see. I also took this picture with the light dimmed so a bit of a clearer picture of how she looks.

20231223_084925 - Copy.jpg
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