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  • You mentioned in a thread that spraying sulfer would get rid of mites...how often can you spray if it doesn't get rid of them the first time?
    In one of my prior posts you mentioned that Sativa's can be a little squirrelly later in flower. I am now 5 weeks in; is there something I should know or change?

    I have three plants in flower now, all Sativa dominant strains so your help would be awesome! I'm thinking of holding the two most mature plants for another 3 weeks and the third for 5 weeks at least. The pics shows the cola development, now filling in nicely. It looks so good I'd hate to screw it up!
    Hey bro can you respond to the living soil thread I had some questions , I think I got the living soil concept down I just want to make sure I have it right before I go buy all the stuff
    Hi BoBrown, Bro, was it the Searles Organic Potting Mix, the folks were talking about and NoTill folk liked? or was it the compost bagged stuff, Thanks Smokey
    Hello bobrown, I hope all is well. A request for you if you don't mind.
    I grow in a 4x4, 7gal fab pots WW and am a first time grower. Recently I had some pH issues, all related to being a noob and not keeping records. Pennywise has been a big help in figuring out what was wrong and I think the girl will be OK looking at the new growth. I'd love it if you could pop on by sometime and catch up on the excitement. The last few pages I guess. I talked about testing my NPK and the PK came back as adequate and the N came back as def. I did the test twice abd got the same results. I just started a foliar spray of dolomite lime for the Ca def and introduced a mild tea of blood and bone meal for the N. Any input in my journal from you would go a long way.
    Thanks for listening Bob.
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