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    I just can’t get enough of this cherry bomb . Here I am representing advanced nutrients ph perfect trio and bomb seeds all day baby.
  2. TheMadDabber

    Dabber Presents: PSM & Stankberry Grown Remo Style: A Canniversary Grow

    Well 2018 has come and gone. And so has another grow cycle in the “tub of love”, my bathroom grow space. Originally, I had planned to implement my “beginners guide to growing on a budget” thread at the start of this year, but due to personal growth reasons, I'm afraid I won't have the proper...
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    White light tech is the way . Group shot
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    Cherry bomb getting to big already lol
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    More root shots
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    Cherry bomb oh my darling dang what a beauty just gave her her first treatment of fresh brewed today horse tail fern tea @[210790:@bobrown14] not like she needs it but let’s protect our investment .
  7. Growca2268

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope you all have a great holiday with friends and family! Stay safe and happy growing!
  8. S

    Need help choosing nutrients and adjusting pH

    Hi guys, first time grower here and i have this "coco peat" medium and here is it's analysis : ignore the arabic parts :P and the رطوبت thingy in the column means Humidity. since the Ph is way too high i'm looking for ways to reduce it to 6. and based on the amount of NPK stated in the...
  9. TriangleCheese

    Blue Cheese Organic LED Grow, First Time With Coco

    Greetings mates, After growing Liberty Haze in soil earlier this year, I decided to try growing it in coco coir this time. I'll keep it short for now but you can find some details about this grow below; This grow was meant to be a Liberty Haze grow but since these seeds failed, I decided to...
  10. Budworker.2

    BudWorker.2 Perpetual

    Welcome to my New Perpetual Journal I'm newish to growing I've grown a few plants in the past but they didn't amount to anything. All this is for personal use. In this Journal I will document all my grow's a few of them will be with different mediums and my own nutrients etc.. Anyhow ...
  11. Far East Buds

    Far East Buds Perpetual Run Has Continued!

    OK so here is the current deal. I have been growing all along (2014) but haven't been posting on 420 due to a lack of time and also motivation. I have continued with my perpetual run and have had up to 25 ? strains running simultaneously. I have things pretty well dialed in and consistent for...
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    Some roots of the bomb seeds girls thc and widow bomb .
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    Holes o manually drilled fun wrist cramps preparing me for trim season .
  14. M

    Man's 2018 Indoor CoCo Grow

    Currently growing 4 Blackjack clones to completion in a 3x3 tent with a 315 cmh light. I am running Blue Planet Nutrients as a primary nutrient line, but will be using additives along the way as needed. Temp of tent- 77 rH- 45% Transplanted into 5-inch squares from clone this morning. Fed...
  15. super13star

    Mills nutrients and Coco questions

    I went from outdoor/indoor organic in premixed soil growing to solely indoor in promix using Mills and advance nutrients (bloom). I would like to know if anybody has used Mills in conjunction with other products? Just Mills in veg Bloom consisted of advanced nutrients bud factor x and ...
  16. Cruzzy420

    Cruzzy’s Intro To The 3rd Grow! 4 Strains In Coco: Cream Caramel, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Gelato & Purple Punch 2018 UK Flux?

    Sup guys I’m new here, from the UK so now that I’m getting serious about growing though I’d try post here to learn and help if I can :p 3rd time growing but 1st time in coco. I’ll be running 4 plants in 16L Fabric pots with shogun nutes in a 1.2m tent under 300w CFL for veg and 600w HPS for...
  17. Cruzzy420

    Cruzzy’s intro to my 3rd grow! Coco, Flux? UK

    Sup guys I’m new here, from the UK so now that I’m getting serious about growing though I’d try post here to learn and help if I can :p 3rd time growing but 1st time in coco. I’ll be running 4 plants with shogun nutes in my 1.2m tent under 300w CFL for veg and a 600w HPS for flower. Been...
  18. J

    Quick Journal Of My 1st Grow In A 4x4 Tent With A 2000W LED

    Strains: Iron Triangle x OG Kush and The 18 x Thunk. Number of Plants: 3 made it to flower. 2 Iron Triangle and one Thunk. Space: 4x4 vivosun tent. Light: King Plus 2000w LED. Pot size: 3 gallons. Nutrients: Homemade lol and pretty much nothing in flower. Growing medium: Coco Other Notes: Grew...
  19. Hootenanny

    Hootenanny's Perpetual Grow

    I've been away from the forums for almost a year...I was lurking around here for a while when I was first learning to grow, I'm now on my 4th grow and visiting the site yesterday made me realise I have learnt a bit over the last year. I now have a perpetual room going, a 8x4 (2400 x 1200) tent...
  20. Budworker.2

    BudWorker.2, Coco, 600 HPS

    Hi guys, New to here and to growing. Personal use :) . I will follow Cultivator's how to grow in coco feed program. I've got all the nutes line up. This is my first grow at the moment I'm having problems with what I think is stretching. I've watered them 150ml of 1ec ph 5.8 each day. I will get...