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  1. Sangmang

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal - TSL 2000 - 1st Time In Coco - DIY Drip Build - 2x4 - Jack Herer SOG

    More grow info on 2nd post. Pic Dump: Drip/DTW table Gutter with drain tube Corrugated roof Flashing Wire rack Rainbird 9 port manifold Over complicated drip rings :laugh2: MARS HYDRO TSL-2000 :adore: 9 Jack Herer clones fully rooted in solo cups. More pics tomorrow after the...
  2. K

    Overfed: Will it grow out of it?

    Hello everyone. I might have overfed my seedlings in Coco with Canna A and B a bit. The last time, sane strain (Gorilla Auto), only the first leaves were impacted and it grew out of it fast. Now the first pair of "real" leaves as well have burnt tips. The new growth coming out can not be...
  3. TegridyGrower

    2 Utopia Haze Plants In Coco Under LED - SCrOG

    Welcome to my micro garden! Currently I am growing 2 Barneys Farm Utopia Haze plants. I'm a new member here, but I posted a little bit of background information about myself here: Hello 420 community! So this journal starts at week 16 (week 7 of flower) and I expect to be harvesting around the...
  4. Plant Daddy

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal: TS 3000, Gorilla Glue Auto, 4x4 Tent, 2 Medium, 2 Pot Sizes

    This will be my second grow and my first time growing Autos. It will be a bit of an experiment. Here is my plan: Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Cannabis Two different mediums - soil & coco Two different size pots - 3-gallon & 5-gallon Growing 100% organically So my 4 plants will be as...
  5. GoogleGenie

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal: 2 x SP 3000 In 4ftx4ft, Blue Kush, RDWC, ScrOG

    Hey guys First off, I have to say that I love Mars Hydro products. I bought my first Mars LED light back in 2013, and haven't used any other light since. They're reliable and my plants absolutely love them! I will be flipping my Blue Kush to flowering in the next couple of days. So I thought...
  6. GoogleGenie

    GoogleGenie Returns: Wedding Cake & Friends, Coco & RDWC, LED, ScrOG

    Hey guys! It's been a long time - almost 5 years. But I'm back. I've been growing again this past couple of years and thought I'd share what I'm up to. What strain is it? Wedding Cake Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 80% Indica, 20% Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just...
  7. P

    First Time Growing in Coco

    Greetings Everyone! First Time growing in coco. Had no idea what I was doing and am aware I screwed the pH up in the beginning. I was giving her 6.5 ph’d water like my other plants. I am now making sure her water is ph’d at around 5.8. I tested the coco recently and it read 5.7. Now, my plant...
  8. H

    Humidity issue late flowering 60+

    My issue is that I’m in late flowering with 5 girls & my humidity is always around 60s, it’s like week 6 now and they are getting fat and I do not want mould , I have a tower fan on a stool in the tent and a oscillating fan hung up blowing on top and in the canopy. Humidity never seems to drop...
  9. W

    1st grow need assistance guys! pH or nute burn, wind burn, deficiency or toxicity issue

  10. Rbow Jones colors

    Rbow Jones colors

    Starting to throw in some nice colors :)
  11. M

    1st Coco attempt 1x1m tent: very slow and brown tips

    Hi - this is my 2nd ever grow. I got some great advice on this forum that has seen 4 photo's in organic soil under SF4000 LED through to harvest this week and they look and smell amazing... so now I'm trying perpetual harvest cycle with two tents and started a 1x1m veg tent with coco coir in the...
  12. rockypl

    How often should I watering coco ?

    How often to water and what amount per size of pot?
  13. rockypl

    Best auto drip watering system with water and waste tank

    Please can anybody advice how to diy watering system?
  14. rockypl

    Winter Season Coming: Starting New Grow

    Starting new grow in coco , some mixture of strains and all my own from previous grows . Choosed best looking seeds . Is 4th day of grow pre-soaked for 24h , 20/4h . Watering with filtered water and 1ml-1l kelp. 80% 25-27C
  15. Enjoil

    Let’s Grow Some Funk! Ogkz, Purple Moby Dick, Blue Dream & Fruit Salad In Coco

    What’s good 420family? I recently started playing around in coco and Rockwool. I was blessed with some good beans and the mothers have been flowered out already so I know just what to expect from all these clones. I just want to journal this run for you guys to see how I grow the funk...
  16. S

    First Indoor Grow! Need some help please!

    Hi guys its my first time posting here. I have done a few outdoor plants over the past 3 summers and felt it was time to try an indoor grow. I'm growing (2x Purple Punch, 2x Mac1, 2x Lemon Sorbet, 2x Kush Cake)using LED they are currently 4 weeks from seed. They did very well the first 2 weeks...
  17. SauronBlue

    Ready to quit growing due to low quality & smell

    I've been growing on and off for about 5 of the last 10 years. I've mostly done soil, but I've been switching to coco lately, to try to get out of my rut. I started with 600w MH/HPS combo for veg/flower in a tent. Back then, I had little invested, and my environment was really hot, rh wasn't...
  18. H

    Are my plant ready to start my flush for harvest?

    So I’ve got 2 different strains in my tent which I thought they were both the same when I acquired the clones but oh well , I still believe they both are 8 week flower, I am on my 8th week of flower tomorrow. I’m growing in coco and under 660w hps - temps 28-30 humidity 45-60. Just need any...
  19. H

    My calyxes contain seeds! Hermie?

    So I’m in late flowering I have 4 plants growing in coco and it seems all their calyxes which I mistook for pollen sacs (maybe they are ill attach pics ) but now I’m sure they are calyxes but they all contain really tiny seeds, just wondering how long the seeds take to form as I’m ready for...
  20. H

    Rock resonator, use through flush or cut off before?

    A bit of background info - growing in coco, canna nutrients and now in flowering so I’m using rock resonator. It’s around week 4 of using it. The rock is working wonders. Just wanna know if you use it are you supposed to use it through flush or stop before your flush because I’ve seen...
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