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    Day three for all other but lemon og . Seedling stage .
  2. D

    Water pressure problem

    Hello everyone. Im getting back into indoor gardening again after 5 years. Grew in coco once but in a slightly different setup. Going coco drip feed drain to waste this time around. I bought a 600 gph pump to pump the nutes up. I tried it out today and the emitters didnt do anything. Come to...
  3. D

    DankaTrons Coco Skywalker & SBR Grow Journal 2020

    Hey guys hows it going? This isnt my first time posting or growing but thought i would make a journal as it is a new setup! STRAINS: Skywalker OG(indica dominant?) , Sugar Black Rose(sativa dominant hybrid i believe) and also Bubblicious(hybrid). PLANT STAGE : All in veg at the moment GROWING...
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    Trying to dial this In tent at 94% Rh lol 75f lol playing around still . I got this .
  5. D

    Second time growing

    So I Transplanted my plant a few days ago, it was stressful because i has to completely wash miracle grow dirt off the roots. Then planted in coco. I used root growth powder when planting because i was told it make the transition less stressful. But now she's wilting and I don't wanna lose it...
  6. H

    Burnt brown leaf tips?

    Growing haze clones - approximately 8 weeks old - Currently just started flower a day ago have got some pics attached my leafs are getting brown tips , on the old growth and new growth! Growing in coco , 600w led, high 40- mid 50 humidity , 25-28 degrees Celsius with lights on, feeding using the...
  7. H

    How to use canna boost & pk13/14? Coco grow

    Hi I’m growing in coco 12 litre fabric pots, 600w LED, I have just come out of veg , feeding 2-5ml-3ml canna a and b per 10l , 7ml rhizo and 1ml calmag ! I know it sounds crazy that I mix that less in 10l but it’s been working and my leaves are looking good and I’ve just induced the flowering...
  8. incogn1to

    Boutique Autos Under LEDs: Coco & Mega Crop, Spring 2020

    This will be my second grow, and probably the last indoor until fall. The setup is pretty much the same as the last. They'll be living under the Optic4, inside a 5x5 gorilla tent. Medium is Canna Coco and pearlite, in 3gal fabric pots. Strains All three strains are Mephisto genetics. 1x each of...
  9. D

    Big Bang auto thin leaves

    Hello everyone! First post on this site, I have 10 Big Bang autos growing, 7 are really healthy with fat leafs. But 3 are very thin stalky grow. Growing in coco Feeding Canna coco pH levels 5.5-5.8 Any help would be much appreciated. thankyou
  10. H

    Is my feeding right?

    So I’m growing in coco and I’m using the canna line of nutrients just wondering if I was making my nute mix correct. So basically I mix 2.5ml of canna a & b each 1ml calmag and 8ml rhiztonic to about 10 litres of water - my girls are growing healthy and are around 6 weeks old now (they are...
  11. H

    One of my new growth fan leaves is fading colour? Help please!

    So I’m growing in coco fabric pots - currently in veg about 5 weeks old - feeding 1ml calmag 2.5ml Canna a & b & 8ml rhizotonic in a 10L water bucket. Experiencing some weird sort of fading colour on one of my leaves any help would be appreciated.
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    Well zkittles showed lots of amber tonight so I said bye . She is hanging in 3x3 different too. With humidifier in see if I can dial it in.
  13. GardeningGnome

    GardeningGnome's Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, Critical & Northern Lights: Coco & LED, 2020

    Here we go 420fam Today I got the last part of the shipment with new growing medium, pots, pesticides and nutrients. And after two days of washing, scrubbing and cleaning all of the apartment and grow spaces, cutting down house plants and finishing 25 cuttings of my Painted Nettle/Coleus...
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    @[194136:@Duggan] the full tent shot view bro as promised . What's Yoru final dry whieght number guess
  15. H

    Problem with my leaves in veg: Auto Haze clones

    So I’ve just started my grow with clones about 2 weeks ago and they are looking pretty healthy in size so far but I am getting problems with the leaves as you can see in the pictures - I was thinking maybe a nutrient problem ? I started with 4ml of canna a & b then changed to 7ml per like a 7l...
  16. Dkmg01

    DK'S New Grow 2020

    DK'S New Grow 2020:rollit: Hello all. I am from South Africa and this will be my third grow and this time I am set up much better. I will be growing some branded seeds from Dinafem! (OG Kush & Critical Jack) then some autos from a fellow grower here (Kush Von Stitch) . I might be doing some...
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    Zkittles fem
  18. L

    Starting with coco: how to pre-wet?

    Hi all I'm starting my next grow with coco professional plus next week. It says it's prebuffed. Does this mean when I pre soak it I don't need to add nutes or do I? Going to be getting the canna nutes a+b etc. Thanks guys Coco Professional Plant Medium for the Professional Gardener | CANNA UK
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    Top cola shot Blueberry
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    Well dark devil auto by sweet seeds down chopped at 48 days flower . Bit early but saw lots of cloudy looking for a good head high on this sativa dominant plant .
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