1. Roy Growin

    Northern Lights Auto Grow Journal

    Northern Lights Auto Grow We have sprouts :cool:
  2. Lowrider72

    Lowrider72 Grows Again! Super Skunk, Pineapple Express & Mangolicious

    Hey Guys and Gals! Thought I would start a new grow, little hot here but only in Veg.... Strains are from AMS.... Super Skunk- Skunk #1 X Northern Lights. Mangolicious- Big Bud X White Widow. Pineapple Express- White Widow X Limoncello Haze X Strawberry Ice. Just going to grow some in small...
  3. Roy Growin

    Chocolate Skunk & Lemon Grass Auto Grow Journal - Roy In Coco Heaven

    Hello everyone Chocolate Skunk & Lemongrass Autos New season, new grow journal, and to kick it off this grow will be 00 Seeds Auto Chocolate Skunk and Anesia Seeds Lemongrass Auto Genetics of Chocolate Skunk appear to be the original strain x Critical Mass x Ruderalis Lemongrass is more...
  4. Thomas M

    Some past flowers part one

    Here is a series of flowers I’ve grown over the last few years. Will post more once I migrate photos for another device. Hope you all enjoy. Just a few. Have thousands more. Once I get around to it I will post some more. Hope you all enjoy.
  5. Grow tent

    Grow tent

    More blue dream, got three in the larger hydro tub, 8 of them are also 1 week since being transferred to 5 gal grow bags.
  6. Veg room

    Veg room

    Clones of blue dream that were transferred into these 5 gallon grow bags last Friday (16 plants here)
  7. Cosmic Bomb - Organics in Coco

    Cosmic Bomb - Organics in Coco

    Cosmic Bomb - Organic grow in coco under LEDs
  8. PSX_20221031_104706.jpg


    @ViparSpectra 900 W Black Jack Day 54 @Bill284 Method Coco coir
  9. PSX_20221031_104918.jpg


    @ViparSpectra 900 W Black Jack Day 54 @Bill284 Method Coco coir
  10. PSX_20221031_105155.jpg


    @ViparSpectra 900 W Black Jack Day 54 @Bill284 Method Coco coir
  11. Roy Growin

    Abandoned Gelato-K Grow Journal

    Gelato-K [Gelato x Bubba Kush] is a prize-winning strain famed for it's sweet flavours and with 20% THC, the quality is guaranteed Sativa dominant, I will need to top and LST to keep the plant at a manageable height of 80cm max This seedling is 7-10 days since germination and I am feeding...
  12. Grand Daddy PurpxDea

    Grand Daddy PurpxDea

  13. @CoffeeShopSeeds Big Bud Auto

    @CoffeeShopSeeds Big Bud Auto

    Grown in coco, this is week 12 from sprout; @Mars Hydro TS1000 plus supplementary R/B/UV/IR LED's; 50-75% nutes max
  14. Roy Growin

    Chunky Skunk Clone SOG

    Autos in the tent flowering big time, plus a couple of incidental Cosmic Bomb which I had left over, 2-3 weeks old I have accumulated some freebies over the year, all photo-period seeds since I grew mostly autos last year One of particular interest is a Freedom of Seeds Chunky Skunk: Tends to...
  15. Roy Growin

    @CoffeeShopSeeds Sponsored Seeds

    And we're off, starting with Gorilla Glue #4 Automatic Added a few drops of Humic to some boiled water and set pH to 6.0 for the soaking solution (seeds and plugs) I have set the incubator to 24C and pre-warmed a jug of plugs and a shot glass for soaking overnight These will go into the plugs...
  16. hazeluv69

    When to remove my propagator lid?

    Hi guys. I germinated 9 seeds in the tissue paper method. 100% success rate. Planted them in coco and in a propagator with a lid on. This was 24 hours ago. Since 3 have started to rise out of the medium. My question is when to remove the lid as I do not want damping off to occur?
  17. Roy Growin

    Growings Grows Grapefruit & Creamatic | Grow Diary

    Some pics are always a good start
  18. 20211210_121751.jpg


    All three autoflowers and the humidifier working full blast
  19. 20211210_121737.jpg


    Here we go. Hotz 1
  20. hazeluv69

    Last week flowering tips?

    The final few days for myself! Was just wondering if anyone had any tips for the last week? Light intensity lower? Less hours? Freezing cold flush water? Any help would be appreciated thanks!
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