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    Top cola shot Blueberry
  2. IMG_20200114_210420.jpg


    Well dark devil auto by sweet seeds down chopped at 48 days flower . Bit early but saw lots of cloudy looking for a good head high on this sativa dominant plant .
  3. odinsmaster

    Odinsmaster Comes Out Of The Closet With Peanut Butter Breath

    Well it's been a while since I have posted. My state finally went medical, so I spent the last year moving from the closet to a room. Now I'm ready to start a new grow. 2 strains: peanut butter breath, and bubble gum breath Medium: coco Lights: 6 timber grow lights 3vl half 3500k half...
  4. IMG_20200108_025747.jpg


    Back left Bruce banger middle dark devil auto right biggest Bruce banger
  5. DrCannaCanadian

    DrCannaCanadian: MarsHydro & Seedsman, MegaCrop, Soil & Coco, 2020

    Welcome To DrCannaCanadian's Jedi Garden Grow Starring Mars Hydro And Seedsman Well 420, It's the Roaring '20s all over again - so let's get this party started! Currently, we are germinating the following seeds: 5 Feminized Seedsman Peyote WiFi 1 Feminized Dinafem Dinamed CBD Plus 3...
  6. Bertabuds

    Help deficiency!

    Hi I'm kinda new to this site and wasn't exactly sure where to post this my plants are 3 weeks old growing in pure coco fed everyday nuitrent line Mostly advanced nutrients Sensi coco grow, bloom A and B Cal mag 150ppm 1mlper l of root exelatrator The only thing i changed is I did a...
  7. IMG_20191202_214855.jpg


    The first four pink kush , blueberry , Bruce bangers fems. Seedsman.
  8. Bertabuds

    Classic 1000 Watt HPS 4x4 Scrog Grow

    Hi my name is Bertabudz and this is my classic 1000watt 4x4 scrog grow journal! For this grow I will be using the following: -4x4 grow tent with a 1000w hps vented hood and MH (run the mh on 600w) I run a T5 for seedlings and early veg. - 2 cropkings black indica and 2 cropkings bubba kush...
  9. higherthehigh

    Vertical & Horizontal Training

    Hello everyone. I'm currently growing 3 Cheese from Seedsman and plan to flower in a 2*4 tent, I need as much yield as I can possibly get as I plan to make edibles and concentrate. My goal is 20-25oz but I'm struggling to think how I'm going to train them, my hopeful goal was to run a scrog...
  10. IMG_20191120_210231.jpg


    Family shot day 41 veg need to measure the girls see what I got to work with for flip.
  11. IMG_20191119_202752.jpg


    Family shot of the first four girls.day 40 veg
  12. IMG_20191119_202848.jpg


    Dark devil auto rough start but got it coming back around now. Left side tent . Middle Alaskan purple by seedsman far right zkittles by seedsman two Bruce banger clones seedsman for @[331646:@DeanWest89] if they take . Wasn't letting roots search for h20 enough.
  13. IMG_20191110_193557.jpg


    Day 31 veg first four pink kush back left front left blueberry two right are Bruce bangers
  14. IMG_20191107_202904.jpg


    God @[82899:@SeedsMan] this Bruce banger is killing it buddy. Love it def would have been a keeper man if kept mother. Very nice work breeders and thank you seedsman for letting this happen
  15. IMG_20191107_151927.jpg


    New tent up and lights getting exhaust fan and timers and ducting next day or two the first four day 28 veg
  16. IMG_20191031_200250.jpg


    Far shot of the Bruce banger beauty girl she is shaping up to be
  17. IMG_20191031_200620.jpg


    Bruce banger fan think I see a def coming in fan ?.cal mag?
  18. higherthehigh

    Life In The Day Of A Coco Grower

    Hello :420: So it's been quite a while since I last grew in coco and I have to say I have really missed it, I tried soil up until last month and I really didn't take to it, my yield dropped and so did my confidence in the whole grow scene too so I will currently have this setup and my hydro...
  19. incogn1to

    First grow: seedling with droopy leaves and purple stems

    This is my first grow, I did a fair amount of research but I wasn't prepared for this. The seedlings are ~7 days from germination, 5 days from being put into their pots. Yesterday and today the first set of serrated leaves have started drooping and it almost looks like DD, as well as the Cheese...
  20. IMG_20191020_174548.jpg


    Roots Bruce banger thank you seedsman for looking after me .
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