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    Day 31 veg first four pink kush back left front left blueberry two right are Bruce bangers
  2. IMG_20191107_202904.jpg


    God @[82899:@SeedsMan] this Bruce banger is killing it buddy. Love it def would have been a keeper man if kept mother. Very nice work breeders and thank you seedsman for letting this happen
  3. IMG_20191107_151927.jpg


    New tent up and lights getting exhaust fan and timers and ducting next day or two the first four day 28 veg
  4. IMG_20191031_200250.jpg


    Far shot of the Bruce banger beauty girl she is shaping up to be
  5. IMG_20191031_200620.jpg


    Bruce banger fan think I see a def coming in fan ?.cal mag?
  6. higherthehigh

    Life In The Day Of A Coco Grower

    Hello :420: So it's been quite a while since I last grew in coco and I have to say I have really missed it, I tried soil up until last month and I really didn't take to it, my yield dropped and so did my confidence in the whole grow scene too so I will currently have this setup and my hydro...
  7. incogn1to

    First grow: seedling with droopy leaves and purple stems

    This is my first grow, I did a fair amount of research but I wasn't prepared for this. The seedlings are ~7 days from germination, 5 days from being put into their pots. Yesterday and today the first set of serrated leaves have started drooping and it almost looks like DD, as well as the Cheese...
  8. IMG_20191020_174548.jpg


    Roots Bruce banger thank you seedsman for looking after me .
  9. IMG_20191020_181322.jpg


    Roots anyone? Day 11 this is pink kush from Barneys farm.
  10. Culled


    two sickly seedlings pulled
  11. Chronic Ryder reveg

    Chronic Ryder reveg

  12. Blueberry at one month

    Blueberry at one month

    bag seed coco
  13. IMG_20191015_200411.jpg


    Forgot to take pics of the zkittles and Alaskan purple try tomorrow. Bruce bangers and blueberry in photo.
  14. IMG_20191006_172415.jpg


    The coco family day 4 seedlings stage two days to really pop up.
  15. M

    Auto AK48 in coco, can't get past first seedling stage: first grow

    HYDRO Sunlight from indoors/outdoors Medium: Coco coir and perlite Strain type: 55% Indica / 25% Sativa / 20% ruderalis I have been trying to germinate and grow SIX AK48 auto seeds for a couple of months now in the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. I promise I'm not bashing them around, but 3...
  16. IMG_20190930_214446.jpg


    That seems better for temps
  17. IMG_20190930_214453.jpg


    My little family..
  18. ROSSM8

    Stressed out Seedsman Northern Lights Auto

    What Strain is it? Seedsman Northern Lights Auto How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 25 days Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor 2x2x4 Soil or Hydro? 70/30 COCO If Hydro, Reservoir size? 2.5 Gallon fabric Size (Wattage) of Light? How...
  19. IMG_20190929_083324.jpg


    Just waiting for @[82899:@SeedsMan] order to arrive to drop some of that Alaskan purple yummyness.
  20. IMG_20190928_115851.jpg


    Nice medium.
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