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  1. B

    Another First Time Grow

    Hey guys what's up, I'm here for some feedback and just to document my first cannabis grow. Before I get started I just want to thank any and all who contribute and help me through this, it really is appreciated. Ok so I have 2 northern lights auto seeds planted into one 5 gallon smartpot...
  2. B

    Need some help

    Hello all, brand new here and looking for some help. Just moved 40 plants into flower 5 days ago. Noticed this problem two days after their first feeding. Fan leaves are curling and the tips are yellowing and drying out. Not all tips but one or two on five or six fan leaves per plant (see photos...
  3. Growca2268

    Sensi’s Eagle Bill Gets Its First Grow On 420 Mag

    Spinning up a new journal for what I believe is the first grow of Sensi Seeds Eagle Bill strain on 420 Mag. Eagle Bill (the man) has a pretty incredible legacy that I suspect has impacted all of us, either directly or indirectly, with or without you knowing, at some point in our cannabis...
  4. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks' Coco Organic CMHx630 Grow With Oasis Genetics Autos Round 1

    Backstory: Round 0.5 was with photo bag seed and made it into week 4 of flower, when my oversight resulted in 4 hermaphroditic plants and very fertilized buds. I had upgraded the grow room to have it's own GFCI protected circuit, which included a new heavy duty extension cord with a very...
  5. higherthehigh

    RQS USA Premium Seeds Run 8+ Strains

    Hello and welcome to my new grow journal. I was planning on having a year off after my O.G. Kush journal but the power of growing has got me tightly grasped still. I wont be growing on a big scale how i have in my last runs just 2 small tents, 1 veg & 1 flower Strains: Sweet Zkittles - Sweet...
  6. DukeMonroe

    Duke's Autoflowering: Blue Amnesia XXL, CBD White Widow, Critical + 2.0 - Coco 600W

    Hello everyone!!! It's been 3 years since my last grow journal and I'm finally ready for a new one! This is also my first Autoflowering grow. Even though I've stopped posting grow journals, I've never stopped growing so hopefully I've learned something in these past three years. For this...
  7. falstaffo

    Falstaffo's World Of Green: First Timer Goes Wild With Autos Photos Mainlines & Quantums!

    Il state firstly i am a noob when it comes to growing anything. when i was about 10 i planted some tulip bulbs in my front garden, planted and left them, they grew, mother nature took its course. This il allow is slightly different :D so, i have limited space, enough for a mother/propogation...
  8. 6DD1DA46-FD20-4E74-A387-ABF5E05B5660.jpeg


    I just can’t get enough of this cherry bomb . Here I am representing advanced nutrients ph perfect trio and bomb seeds all day baby.
  9. TheMadDabber

    Dabber Presents: PSM & Stankberry Grown Remo Style: A Canniversary Grow

    Well 2018 has come and gone. And so has another grow cycle in the “tub of love”, my bathroom grow space. Originally, I had planned to implement my “beginners guide to growing on a budget” thread at the start of this year, but due to personal growth reasons, I'm afraid I won't have the proper...
  10. DC675E0D-C2B7-4170-8297-AFB9A3AB151D.jpeg


    White light tech is the way . Group shot
  11. 4A3FC4E8-1CF7-4D28-806D-01BD3B5620CB.jpeg


    Cherry bomb getting to big already lol
  12. B364892C-BB7C-4AE2-9EEF-E5AC132B6E4A.jpeg


    More root shots
  13. 7E4E3151-5A52-48F4-9E5E-730DF2D71D44.jpeg


    Cherry bomb oh my darling dang what a beauty just gave her her first treatment of fresh brewed today horse tail fern tea @[210790:@bobrown14] not like she needs it but let’s protect our investment .
  14. Growca2268

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope you all have a great holiday with friends and family! Stay safe and happy growing!
  15. S

    Need help choosing nutrients and adjusting pH

    Hi guys, first time grower here and i have this "coco peat" medium and here is it's analysis : ignore the arabic parts :P and the رطوبت thingy in the column means Humidity. since the Ph is way too high i'm looking for ways to reduce it to 6. and based on the amount of NPK stated in the...
  16. TriangleCheese

    Blue Cheese Organic LED Grow, First Time With Coco

    Greetings mates, After growing Liberty Haze in soil earlier this year, I decided to try growing it in coco coir this time. I'll keep it short for now but you can find some details about this grow below; This grow was meant to be a Liberty Haze grow but since these seeds failed, I decided to...
  17. Budworker.2

    BudWorker.2 Perpetual

    Welcome to my New Perpetual Journal I'm newish to growing I've grown a few plants in the past but they didn't amount to anything. All this is for personal use. In this Journal I will document all my grow's a few of them will be with different mediums and my own nutrients etc.. Anyhow ...
  18. Far East Buds

    Far East Buds Perpetual Run Has Continued!

    OK so here is the current deal. I have been growing all along (2014) but haven't been posting on 420 due to a lack of time and also motivation. I have continued with my perpetual run and have had up to 25 ? strains running simultaneously. I have things pretty well dialed in and consistent for...
  19. 07640F3E-A414-4AB8-B1D2-A64086564EB6.jpeg


    Some roots of the bomb seeds girls thc and widow bomb .
  20. 56AE7F79-C60C-49C7-B7A3-11B8C1827DFF.jpeg


    Holes o manually drilled fun wrist cramps preparing me for trim season .
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