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  1. Seeds arrived!

    Seeds arrived!

    Ohh boy! Seeds arrived, been wanting to grow these for a while. Three each of Durban Poison, and Jack Herer, one freebie each of Triple Cheese, Critical Orange Punch, and my most coveted Franco's Lemon Cheese. Now I have two Franco's.
  2. T

    Terpsi's First Grow: Lamb's Breath Auto, SWG Jack Herer & Sour Diesel Under LEDs

    Hello and thanks for checking out my first grow journal, this is a learning experience for me so strap in! I like to go all out so i'm starting with two tents, one with Auto flowers and one with photo periods. I have been doing research on this site for a few weeks and now my seeds are done...
  3. 519GrowLabs

    519 Grow Labs: Soil, White Widow & Jack Herer, SoG

    Plant Stage: Vegetation - Week 2 Background on the seeds: White Widow (WW) - I purchased these seeds from the Vancouver Lift Expo in 2017. I hung onto these until now. I germinated 3 out of the 5 seeds for 100% successful germination. I still have 2 left as well as 4 other packs of different...
  4. Emilya

    Emmie's 6 Plant, True Living Organic, LED Grow Journal

    First, the varieties. I have gone classic in my selection, bringing back some old standards and personal favorites. This run will have 6 different varieties, Jack Herer, Wappa, TrainWreck, NYC Diesel, Ice Breaker and Super Cheese. I have purchased a new 1500w LED light to start these plants in...
  5. vyserage

    G4-QB132 x12 RDWC 6x Jack Herer 4x4

    Aaaand we are off again! This time the full grow will be with the qb132's! Light: 12x qb132 3500k (running at 75 watts per row for now until they can handle the light closer or higher wattage.) Tent: 4x4 (48x48) Air: 4" inline fan on bottom of tent bringing in air. The positive pressure this...
  6. Lungbutterorbs

    Jesus Og, Reg & Jack Herer, Fem: Grow #1

    Sup to all stoners and space cadets... :Namaste: This is my first grow as stated and my first entry to kinda say hey, check me out! :cool:That being said, my seedlings have just sprouted going on their first 24 hours in its new cab after being germinated. The temp and Rh are 81°f and 61-64%...
  7. DSCF9818[1].JPG


    Jack Herer Very healthy and looking very nice in my aeroponics system.
  8. DSCF9803[1].JPG


    I have 2 Jack Herer's and a White Widow in aeroponic system. I also have 1 Bubblegum in soil. Nice healthy plants. I am using silica and Cutting Edge nutes in the aeroponic system. In my soil grow I am using Foxfarm nutes. I am very pleased with the outcome so far.
  9. DSCF9804[1].JPG


    Jack Herer and White Widow
  10. DSCF9801[1].JPG


    Healthy plants in aeropnic system. I have two Jack Herer and one White Widow in my system
  11. Jack Herer and Northern Lights.jpg

    Jack Herer and Northern Lights.jpg

  12. DSCF9770.JPG


    Jack Herer at 7 days
  13. DSCF9768.JPG


    Jack Herer
  14. DSCF9763.JPG


    Jack Herer from germination
  15. N

    C99xBlueberry Fast, White Widow & Jack Herer

    Hello everybody and welcome to my grow. I am starting a new grow so go ahead and sub up if you would like to follow it. i might not do an update every day but I will let you know what is going on with my grow and tell you what I'm doing to get good results. First off I would like all of you to...
  16. IMG_20180304_175716_Clones.jpg


    TTKlaus New Clones
  17. IMG_20180304_175708_Clones2.jpg


    TTKlaus New Clones
  18. 20180227_113427.jpg


    Captain Jack
  19. B

    Crop King Seeds Jack Herer Auto Outdoor

    Hey everybody, this is my first solo grow, and I used Crop King seeds Auto fem Auto flower Jack Herer seeds outdoors. I used 5 gallon-ish pots, with Fox Farms Ocean Forest for a medium, which I loved. I started germinating these in late May/early June, so they are about 80-85 days in. I did not...
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