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    TTKlaus New Clones
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    TTKlaus New Clones
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    Captain Jack
  4. B

    Crop King Seeds Jack Herer Auto Outdoor

    Hey everybody, this is my first solo grow, and I used Crop King seeds Auto fem Auto flower Jack Herer seeds outdoors. I used 5 gallon-ish pots, with Fox Farms Ocean Forest for a medium, which I loved. I started germinating these in late May/early June, so they are about 80-85 days in. I did not...
  5. DeVille

    Growing With The Devil - Perpetual Grow

    Welcome to hell dear friends. Here we shall grow the smoke of hell and we shall smoke the fruits of doom. Hell is btw located close to the north pole and that's where the Devil lives. The devil likes to grow cannabis, so welcome to "Growing cannabis with the Devil - Perpetual grow 2017" In this...
  6. F

    Jack Herer Autoflower CFL 2017

    First grow; don't be scared to tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'm here for the feedback. Im using crop king seeds' Jack Herer femininzed autoflower. It's March 3rd and they've been in soil for approx 1 week. Currently using a box but I have a lot of closet room to work with once they mature. I...
  7. 420PEN15

    New grower wondering if there's something wrong

    Hey guys, new grower here with some questions. I'm growing 4 Feminized auto-flower Jack Herer plants. It's 70% sativa, 20% indica & 10% Ruderalis. It's 4 weeks old yesterday, in the vegetative stage with no signs of flowering yet. Growing indoors in a grow tent 4x4x6 in feet. Soil: Bought...
  8. Lester Freeman

    Relaxed's Outdoor Medical Grow - 2017

    Hello 420 Magazine and Happy New Year! Welcome to my 2017 grow journal! :ciao: Our plants are getting ready for another trip around the Sun. :circle-of-love: Some are almost ready to harvest from the winter grow. We have the vegetative mother clones on 18/6 in the DP90 tent under 115 W of CFL...
  9. B

    Greenhouse Jack Herer Feminized Outdoor Balcony Grow - 2016

    Hello everyone, I am new as a poster to this forum but I have been lurking for a while for good tips. I am an expat, Originally from Quebec, and living now in europe in the alp region. I have been growing back in Canada but not since I moved here a few years ago. During a trip to Amsterdam...
  10. smithryder

    Jack Herer - Problem

    I'm with a herer jack Seedsman bank 30 days in bloom with this deficiency out, what can this be? or its normally look im from brazil, my bed for my english
  11. Bodhisattva

    Royal Jack Auto - Haze Berry - Bubble Kush - Honey Cream - 400 Watt LED/CFL

    Si here aka Bodhi / Bodhisattva, Its my First Grow. Thanks for your comments, feedback and support. Stop by and say hello. SETUP SEEDS: All 4 seeds from Royal Queen Seeds per Title. All Feminised. Just the Royal Jack is an AUTO. HOUSING: Stealth wardrobe (approx 1 x 1 metre growing...
  12. Brunt FCA

    Jack Herer Auto With Mars Reflector 192 & Sweet Seeds Mix

    I've always been interested in growing Jack Herer since I saw it in Marc Emory's seed catalog in the opening pages of Cannabis Culture back in the early 2000's, before he got arrested. So, I finally got around to ordering some seeds... I am an experienced grower and have worked in...
  13. TorturedSoul

    Old-School & Young Blood - Grown By An Old Fart

    Preface: Hello, I am TorturedSoul. Some of you may have read a post - or two - of mine before. I started a grow journal once before, but my fertilizer supplier came to be under Official Scrutiny - so I got paranoid, removed everything even vaguely cannabis-related from my home, my life, and my...
  14. MagicJim

    Magic Or Mayhem

    Always something new for me when growing this beautiful plant. I'm still very much a newbie grower. During my last grow I think I finally found a couple ways of keeping clones alive. I now have 12 clones and 3 re-veg girls from my first tent grow so I'm going to flip the whole shooting match...
  15. Squeektoi

    Crop King Seeds Auto Jack Herer Grow

    Hey gang thanks for dropping by my second grow journal which is: Auto Jack Herer by crop King seeds, 70% Sativa, 20% Indica, 10% Ruderalis 9 weeks flowering time Indoor, in a space bucket now until preflower it's been 15 days since sprout broke ground Pro-mix organic potting mix (red...
  16. K

    What To Trim From Jack Herer Week #3 Flower?

    Really, my only questions are how should I be trimming this little girl back please? First time grower. Thanks very much all for your advice.
  17. S

    How far into flowering?

    Hey all, I have recently been on a long trip and set up an automatic watering/feed system for my outdoor plants. Upon my return they had already begun flowering. It has been a few weeks since then and I am still uncertain of how far each plant is into the process. As I'm using products to...
  18. Obi Wan

    Obi Wan Cannabinoid Presents - Jock vs Jack - A T5 - Hempy Grow Journal

    Welcome all. In this journal I will attempt to grow out 1 Jock Horror plant and 1 Jack Herer plant. I'm using the same T5 from previous grows. As well as the same grow box, fans, filters, & nutes. Based on the root growth from my last grow I've cut the 5 gallon buckets down to about 3 gallons...
  19. M

    Jack Herer Auto

    Hi. For 2016 I decided to grow my own meds. Trying Jack from Crop King Seeds. Started with 5 seeds and messed up 3 due to impatience lol. Last 2 are doing well. One is 2 weeks old, the other 3. Want to try some 1:1 THC/CBD next. In spring...
  20. arteekay

    Arteekay's Second Grow - Crop King Autos & Feminized - Mixed Strains

    Happy New Year everyone! We planned to have these girls all sprouted and ready for tonight, with the idea of announcing our New Years Babies. But then I remembered it would only be in our timezone, so whatever. I'm shooting for the first journal of 2016 for the central time zone. We popped...