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  1. Emilya

    Emmie's 6 Plant, True Living Organic, LED Grow Journal

    First, the varieties. I have gone classic in my selection, bringing back some old standards and personal favorites. This run will have 6 different varieties, Jack Herer, Wappa, TrainWreck, NYC Diesel, Ice Breaker and Super Cheese. I have purchased a new 1500w LED light to start these plants in...
  2. vyserage

    G4-QB132 x12 RDWC 6x Jack Herer 4x4

    Aaaand we are off again! This time the full grow will be with the qb132's! Light: 12x qb132 3500k (running at 75 watts per row for now until they can handle the light closer or higher wattage.) Tent: 4x4 (48x48) Air: 4" inline fan on bottom of tent bringing in air. The positive pressure this...
  3. Lungbutterorbs

    Jesus Og, Reg & Jack Herer, Fem: Grow #1

    Sup to all stoners and space cadets... :Namaste: This is my first grow as stated and my first entry to kinda say hey, check me out! :cool:That being said, my seedlings have just sprouted going on their first 24 hours in its new cab after being germinated. The temp and Rh are 81°f and 61-64%...
  4. DSCF9818[1].JPG


    Jack Herer Very healthy and looking very nice in my aeroponics system.
  5. DSCF9803[1].JPG


    I have 2 Jack Herer's and a White Widow in aeroponic system. I also have 1 Bubblegum in soil. Nice healthy plants. I am using silica and Cutting Edge nutes in the aeroponic system. In my soil grow I am using Foxfarm nutes. I am very pleased with the outcome so far.
  6. DSCF9804[1].JPG


    Jack Herer and White Widow
  7. DSCF9801[1].JPG


    Healthy plants in aeropnic system. I have two Jack Herer and one White Widow in my system
  8. Jack Herer and Northern Lights.jpg

    Jack Herer and Northern Lights.jpg

  9. DSCF9770.JPG


    Jack Herer at 7 days
  10. DSCF9768.JPG


    Jack Herer
  11. DSCF9763.JPG


    Jack Herer from germination
  12. N

    C99xBlueberry Fast, White Widow & Jack Herer

    Hello everybody and welcome to my grow. I am starting a new grow so go ahead and sub up if you would like to follow it. i might not do an update every day but I will let you know what is going on with my grow and tell you what I'm doing to get good results. First off I would like all of you to...
  13. IMG_20180304_175716_Clones.jpg


    TTKlaus New Clones
  14. IMG_20180304_175708_Clones2.jpg


    TTKlaus New Clones
  15. 20180227_113427.jpg


    Captain Jack
  16. B

    Crop King Seeds Jack Herer Auto Outdoor

    Hey everybody, this is my first solo grow, and I used Crop King seeds Auto fem Auto flower Jack Herer seeds outdoors. I used 5 gallon-ish pots, with Fox Farms Ocean Forest for a medium, which I loved. I started germinating these in late May/early June, so they are about 80-85 days in. I did not...
  17. Skullman420

    Growing With The Devil - Perpetual Grow

    Welcome to hell dear friends. Here we shall grow the smoke of hell and we shall smoke the fruits of doom. Hell is btw located close to the north pole and that's where the Devil lives. The devil likes to grow cannabis, so welcome to "Growing cannabis with the Devil - Perpetual grow 2017" In this...
  18. F

    Jack Herer Autoflower CFL 2017

    First grow; don't be scared to tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'm here for the feedback. Im using crop king seeds' Jack Herer femininzed autoflower. It's March 3rd and they've been in soil for approx 1 week. Currently using a box but I have a lot of closet room to work with once they mature. I...
  19. 420PEN15

    New grower wondering if there's something wrong

    Hey guys, new grower here with some questions. I'm growing 4 Feminized auto-flower Jack Herer plants. It's 70% sativa, 20% indica & 10% Ruderalis. It's 4 weeks old yesterday, in the vegetative stage with no signs of flowering yet. Growing indoors in a grow tent 4x4x6 in feet. Soil: Bought...