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I actually started this grow on June 8th.
I am going to give a sort of readers digest condensed version for the past 12 almost 13 weeks so far.
Then do regular updates from this point forward.

I am growing in a bathtub, nothing fancy, no tent and only the white tile and white shower curtain as reflection.
I am using 7 Gallon fabric pots (Root Pouches) that are raised up off the bathtub about an inch with wire racks to give airflow all around, better drainage and also to keep the tub from sucking warmth from the soil.
The soil is a mix of Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Coco Coir, Peat, Happy Frog Soil Amendment Hydroton Clay Balls, Azomite, Green Sand, Natures Nog, and a handful of Lite Warrior in the middle to plant the seedling in.
I added more nutrients towards the bottom of the pot and gradually making the soil cooler towards the top in an effort to not burn the roots so the plant didn't start out in hot soil.

One OG Kush and one White Widow, the WW is actually 4 days older because I buried the Kush too deep and murdered the first one, so the second one popped up 4 days later.

My water is horrible, the tap is like 9.25pH and about 120PPM with 2.75 to 3.22 of total Chlorine/Chloramine.
So I started out filtering my water through fridge filter which brought the chlorine down to a trace of between 0.03 to 0.13.
I have done changes with my water that I will discuss later on.

My air temp during Veg averaged 69-76 and humidity between 60-70%

My lights started out as a single 450W LED that after allowing the plant to speak for itself told me to raise it to about 36" above it.
The light draws 200W from the wall so it is a 200W light with a predominately Blue spectrum even when set to flower, but for the first several weeks was just this one light and set to Veg only so entirely blue spectrum.
I will discuss the other LEDs added later on.

My Nutrients in Veg were entirely just the soil for first few weeks, I did start adding Recharge on June 12th.

My nutrients are Nectar for the Gods that I started two days before turning to 12/12 for flower.
I ran the light at 24/0 non-stop until flower.


re: OG Kush & White Widow - Organic Living Soil - 614W LED

Day 25

Started to LST the OG Kush, had to do some creative bending to get just the top bent over.

White Widow is now about 14" in Dia and only 5" tall with 7 nodes.

On the Kush, keep an eye on the lower node and top closest to camera, it becomes a monster.

re: OG Kush & White Widow - Organic Living Soil - 614W LED

Day 38.

Going to build a SCROG soon.
Plants are growing wild.
Recharge, Mammoth P, pH'd water.
I am trying to get rid of all the chlorine/chloramine in water but trace still left.
Went from watering about once a week to every 4-5 days and now every 3 days.
And I got Fungus Gnats, oh joy.

Got some Microbe-Lift and Yellow Sticky cards

re: OG Kush & White Widow - Organic Living Soil - 614W LED

Getting so many leaves that I am starting to do smoothies every day.

They vary a little day to day but for the most part, this is what I do.

About 2 cups of Kale
2 large carrots
2-3 sticks of celery
1 Apple
1 Orange
50gr of fresh ginger
about 2 cups of fresh Acai juice
4 Tbsp of ground flax seed
6 Tbsp of Hemp Seeds
about a cup of frozen grapes
cup of frozen blueberries
a handful of frozen pineapple
cup of ice
about a tbsp of honey
2 shots of Glucosamine
One large handful of Cannabis leaves.

Blend in the Vitamix about 90 seconds or so until silky smooth

re: OG Kush & White Widow - Organic Living Soil - 614W LED

Day 48.

yikes, getting some kind of deficiency.
Got some clawing, leaves not looking quite right.

Wasn't exactly sure what it was have since concluded that with the extra lights and heat that the plants were transpiring more, eating more, needing more water and the roots were slightly drying out and causing a lockout of sorts.

re: OG Kush & White Widow - Organic Living Soil - 614W LED

Day 52.

Yesterday I flushed with 5 gallons each plant of pH'd 6.4 water and started my Nutrients with a strong shot of Herculean Harvest and Demeter's Destiny to defunk these plants.
Today they are almost right back to normal.
Growing about an inch a day now.
Today went 12/12 on lights.

So day 1 of flower.

re: OG Kush & White Widow - Organic Living Soil - 614W LED

Just wondering if you used your frame for support or new growth.. by the look of your posts it's just there for support?

I used it to help spread everything out to get more nodes, more bud sites and for support.
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