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  2. Verbalist

    Northern Lights Cloning, Monster Cropping & Solo Cup Grow, Breeding: Lights Out

    :420: Verbalist's Official Cloning & Breeding Journal Northern Lights x OG Kush = "Lights Out #1" Introduction: Decided to start a side project alongside this proggy: 3x Northern Lights 2x2 ScrOG I’ve taken fresh clones from my pre-flowering NL's as it goes with the name ”Monster cropping”...
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    OG Kush
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    Massive leaves. Everyday they just keep getting bigger
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    Massive fan leaves
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    Love her big fan leaves
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  9. Momma’s Kitchen

    Momma's Kitchen Serving: Sensi Star, Hawaiian Lights, Black Dreams, Blue Cookies, Cheese, Durban Poison, OG Kush, Cali OG Kush x Haze

    :love:The menu is full and already cooking :love: Black Dreams, Hawaiian Lights and Sensi Star are Non Femenized from seed. The rest are feminized. I do plan on breeding once I get a tent for the boys. I have a Veg room simmering with the other room at week 1 flower. All the strains are new...
  10. Og kush

    Og kush

    My first Dinafem grow recently harvested so beautiful !
  11. Og kush dinafem

    Og kush dinafem

    Og kush from dinafem seeds a Bud from my Last Grow recently harvested looks incredible !
  12. 4

    DWC Auto Closet

    Its my first time trieng an auto in dwc,let's see how this goes. SunWest Genetics Amnesia Haze Autoflower
  13. Mvpdank

    Completed Mvpdank OG Kush Auto, Coco, Sensi Coco Grow

    Ok starting this journal for myself to receive advice and anyone else who wishes to learn from my mistakes. Plant: OG KUSH X2 AUTOFLOWER Medium:CANNA COCO PROFESSIONAL PLUS Nutrients:ADVANCED NUTRIENTS SENSI COCO GROW A+B PH PERFECT Additives:GREAT WHITE,CANNA RHIZOTONIC,AN RHINO SKIN...
  14. J

    Soil run off pH/EC, high EC in run off water: does this matter?

    Just wanted to know peoples thoughts and opinions about testing run off water - especially for ec - I watered last night and thought I would check the ec of run off and it came out to 5.9. In soil plant looks nice and green, had acidic soil for the past week but just corrected this problem...
  15. J

    Problem with OG Kush Auto: light burn?

    So I recently just put a mars hydro 150watt at beginning of this grow which is currently 14 inches away- thought it was a potassium def as older leaves were browning at the edges so I upped the bites over a week and yellowing at the tops seems to have not changed- also some of the tips on the...
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    OG Kush 2-25-20
  17. Abstrakt

    First Grow: Sour Diesel, Outdoor 2020

    Hello fellow growers. This will be my first attempt at growing my own. Have been researching for years but haven't ever tried my hand at it. Added info about my grow below and I welcome any feedback along the way! Thanks for checking out my thread. Also want to give a shoutout to @Emilya for...
  18. tokes

    Abandoned Legend OG Kush, Mars Hydro TS600W 2x2 Grow

    Whats up fellow tokers! I've been on this site under various names since 2011 and I am excited to finally be back with everyone. The last stealth grow worked out great for a few cycles but unfortunately due to a traveling work schedule I completely fell off the forums and never really documented...
  19. Og kush auto

    Og kush auto

    One month after popping head out. Exploded with growth
  20. Og kush auto

    Og kush auto

    First dwc just under a month after popping it’s head out
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