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  • i got it from someone who got it from Tom Hill himself. I am new to this whole thing but saw your grow journal about the PTK hunt and thought I would at least chime in and let you know your search is not in vain. The story of how I got it and what has been done with it since is worth sharing with people who have a love for this strain. I'll try and message you so I'm not posting on your page but I haven't quite figured all this out yet. Cheers
    Hey Ice I was looking for info on cmh lights and graytail mentioned I should talk to you. I have been considering investing in a few of them but I have not seen any grows with them and I am unsure if they are worth the price. I was wondering if you could give me your take on them or point me to which of your journals I should look at. Thanks in advance
    Hey Ice,
    Been reading ur journals all the way from the v scrogg wit the 400 watt and the 600 watt running the hps and mh spectrum's to mimic the sun. I new then u were gonna do great things. You have inspired me and jus wanted to take time to let u know!! Would love to get my hands on ur crosses! LoL! Is anyone in 420 running a journal with them to c what they become? If so lmk so i can follow! Plants look good sorry to here bout ur girls not digging da dirt. Great work wit the far red!! I don't c huge difference but hey still great to watch. Won't ever know unless u try!!
    Keep em green!
    Hey Icemud!

    Im not sure if you remember me at all, but throughout this summer I followed and commented on most of your journals. You are the first really experienced grower that I found on this site, and because of that I looked through legitimately all of your grow journals, and learned SO MUCH.

    Im back in Colorado and just started my first grow operation yesterday! I couldn't be any more excited to embark on this adventure!

    Anyways, all of that brings me to my question. I would be so thrilled if you determined it was worth your time to come check my journal out! I am already running into a few issues, and from my experience on this website and your vids, you know what you're talking about.

    So if you think you could do that, you would really help and inspire a young grower. Thanks so much in advance and have a wonderful night!

    Ice I don't know how to tell anyone this but BID passed away tonight from a blood clot in his brain. I am flying home tomorrow morning from ga I am here for my grandmothers funeral. I really don't know what else to say can you let the other guys know i don't know if i can type this out again
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