Duke's Autoflowering: Blue Amnesia XXL, CBD White Widow, Critical + 2.0 - Coco 600W


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Hello everyone!!!

It's been 3 years since my last grow journal and I'm finally ready for a new one! This is also my first Autoflowering grow.

Even though I've stopped posting grow journals, I've never stopped growing so hopefully I've learned something in these past three years.

For this grow, I got all of my seeds from Dinafem:

5X Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering - Sativa THC: High
3X CBD Auto White Widow Autoflowering - Indica - THC: 9-10% CBD: 9-10%
2X Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering- Indica Dominant - High THC/Low CBD

Indoor Grow

Medium: Coco mixed with some perlite
PH will be around 5.8

The gear:

- 1m2 Tent
- 600W HPS with electric ballast (will start with a 400W MH for the first few weeks)
- 9X 11L Hortipot
- Atami Bcuzz Coco A+B
- Plagron Power roots
- Plagron Pure Zym
- Calcium + Magnesium

(I will specify what flowering supplements I'll use later on.)

And so it begins!
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