1. Photo 1c - ALP4.jpeg

    Photo 1c - ALP4.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD - Day 20 of Flower Sativa-Dominant Photoperiod bred by WeedSeedsExpress
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    fim’d and loving life, stronger nutes… yessir!
  3. X

    Easier process to make coco oil with both THC and CBD for pills?

    We need to make pills that maximize both THC and CBD concentration. THC is the painkiller and CBD is the one that cancels the psychoactive effects. Currently we mix 0.15g of 70% CBD distillate and 0.2g of Cannabuter with unknown THC concentration. It works pretty well. No psychoactive effects...
  4. M


    Located in Barcelona, Spain, I am passionated about traveling and CBD. Always looking for innovations, new CBD flowers and experts opinions. I am looking forward to reading you
  5. jguide

    I create Cannabis related illustrations

    Hello 420 Community, I craft the stories and work with artists to create these stories and guides.
  6. Photo 10 - ALP.jpeg

    Photo 10 - ALP.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD
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  8. Photo 14 - ALP2.jpeg

    Photo 14 - ALP2.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 2
  9. Photo 13 - ALP2.jpeg

    Photo 13 - ALP2.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 2
  10. Photo 12 - ALP5.jpeg

    Photo 12 - ALP5.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 5
  11. Photo 11 - ALP5.jpeg

    Photo 11 - ALP5.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 5
  12. Photo 2 - ALP4.jpeg

    Photo 2 - ALP4.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 4
  13. Photo 1 - ALP4.jpeg

    Photo 1 - ALP4.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 4
  14. Blueberry CBD.jpg

    Blueberry CBD.jpg

    Detail of my Blueberry CBD plant almost ready for harvest
  15. B

    Brads 1:1 CBD Auto Haze Indoor Soil Grow 2021: First Indoor Grow

    -Indoor grow -Soil : Promix HP -Feed Indo ( see photo) . Started very diluted feed at end of week 1 -LED light 1000w First two weeks at 36inch height, At week 2 lowered to 30 inch - Strain: Autoflower Fem 1:1 Sativa dominant CBD haze XXL. 8 percent THC to 8 percent CBD - Humidity was a struggle...
  16. P

    CBD Water Nano Technology Vs Oil

    Is Water Nano technology better than oil for absorption into the body. I’ve been suffering with lower back problems since I was a teenager, Ive tried Nano CBD from “Byron Bay Cannabis”. Im having great result. Just curious is Water Nano technology better than oil to get into the body.
  17. HashGirl

    HashGirl Grows Alpine Star CBD, Carnival, Dark Devil & Raspberry Cough

    Good afternoon. I completed my last grow on December 30. This grow, I will be growing alone and with my husband, Felonious Punk. We will be growing the following in our three tents: ALPINE STAR CBD (8 Plants): Alpine Star CBD was purchased from Weedseedsexpress and here is the info they...
  18. Tommygun93

    Seed production

    Hi guys hope your all good. I’m growing hemp for smokable flower. I planted a substantial amount of seeds this year from the same genetic and and have cloned the phenos that I found appealing. From yield, terpenes to colour. my plan is to pick acouple of my favourites once gone through further...
  19. mrking

    Blueberry CBD & Strawberry CBD Grow: MarsHydro SP150

    INTRO Every since I started my grow outside in April, I have wanted to do a grow inside but knew I needed to keep the tent free for drying the outdoor harvest. Plus I was using it for a while to turn a female into male with colloidal sliver for pollen to breed with. And so it has now...
  20. ZeroTolerance

    Night Meds: ZT's Merlot CBD Pheno Hunt, Soil Grow

    Hello again 420, I'm back after a few months of inactivity. This time I'm growing some (almost) pure CBD weed called Merlot. I am mostly growing it for use as a sleep med. I've found that a 10:1 CBD tincture is what works best for me, and really helps with my insomnia. Here are the specs...
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