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  3. CannaBeardGrows

    CBD Cheese Auto: Just What The Doc Ordered

    Ok Let me start off by stating I'm new to this, growing and reviewing, but this strain was... JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED I love cheese, UK or otherwhys im an old fan of skunk strains and have been shown the light a few years ago with high CBD and when I got my ACMPR i was looking for a nice...
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    The CBD Euphoria Quad in the back and the Euphoria CS girl aka pollenmachine in the front lol
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    seedsman CBD collection
  6. dr-seedsman-CBD


  7. DE76D463-EDD3-47A9-BB5E-B3EE3877D6BB.jpeg


    Euphoria, brooky, euphoria
  8. BD153F20-4AD7-40AA-A4F5-7AF4C1F4ADBF.jpeg


    Finally hit the 50Gram exact
  9. IMG_5692.JPG


    CBD Euphoria graft to Willow
  10. DukeMonroe

    Duke's Autoflowering: Blue Amnesia XXL, CBD White Widow, Critical + 2.0 - Coco 600W

    Hello everyone!!! It's been 3 years since my last grow journal and I'm finally ready for a new one! This is also my first Autoflowering grow. Even though I've stopped posting grow journals, I've never stopped growing so hopefully I've learned something in these past three years. For this...
  11. IMG_5666.JPG


    The other girl...
  12. IMG_5658.JPG


    CBD Euphoria Quad Clone
  13. EBB5A160-9E57-4662-9F40-89374A353026.jpeg


    Graft cbd euphoria
  14. B9A408BB-171C-4B59-824E-EE41FFAA6CDC.jpeg


    Cbd euphoria day 43 of flower
  15. 83E21391-1987-464F-A80D-F7E3F324D951.jpeg


    Baby cbd 3
  16. 57443AE1-106F-4B06-8D47-AF2136C414A7.jpeg


    Baby 2
  17. 5E18ED02-E8E7-4B8C-AEEC-6A507ED10086.jpeg


    Cbd euphoria
  18. FE49157D-6E37-416D-A432-5489645DAFFC.jpeg


    White willow is exploding with growth :O
  19. IMG_5639.JPG


    CBD Euphoria
  20. S

    THC & CBD Skeletal Molecule

    When searching images of both THC and CBD molecules, I have observed that there are several ways of drawing the respective skeletal molecules. I am not a bio-chemist, so I do not know the various rules associated with depicting molecules. As such, I would appreciate an explanation of the...
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