1. P

    Hi from Jeremy

    Hey guys! My names Jeremy and I am brand new to this site and it's pretty cool. I'm excited to be on 420magazine.com!
  2. J

    Using Cannabis For Pain Management?

    Has anyone found any actual studies that support or disprove how CBD's have been known to help with pain? What about any other known cannabis components?
  3. MrMiggy

    MrMiggy's 1st Pc Scrog - CBD Medi Haze - 2014

    Hello 420Mag, This is my first try at an indoor grow. I have tried outdoor growing before, but to no success. I am going to be growing in my 26.5" pc case The seedling is 2 days old today from sprout. Wish me luck, sit back and enjoy the grow. What strain is it? CBD Medi Haze Is it Indica...
  4. C

    vaporizing for seizures?

    My daughter has been using cannabis for a little over a year for seizures and spasticity. We use high CBD strains and deliver medicine through edibles (I make her infused coconut oil with our high CBD strains that we grow) and try to keep her at a treatable level of CBDs and then we have a...
  5. A

    strain percentages

    Loving the Medastick Vape Pen the Blend is 42% THC, 54% CBD and 3.8 CBG as that adds up to 100% - makes sense I'm looking for products, with similar percentages to explore with What's up with the flower product blends? I see Harlaquin is 12.5 CBD and 4.2 CBD That adds up to ~17. What's up...
  6. T

    Economics, Hoops, and Cannabis Craft

    First off, first post in the Forum. If this thread is out of place, I'm just looking for directions. Thanks. Now, I've got a medical situation that has many variables to it. I am currently being prescribed the mainstream meds for a condition I would prefer not to reveal on a web forum, even...
  7. C

    Need CBD for Oral Cancer in Dallas, Texas

    Searching for MD or CBD oil (?) for oral cancer tumor, living in Dallas. Was going to order from Colorado or others but hear they are diluting the oil now for more money? Need to know where to order it from TRUE source, have already been thru radiation and chemo and tumor is growing again...
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