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First off, first post in the Forum. If this thread is out of place, I'm just looking for directions. Thanks.

Now, I've got a medical situation that has many variables to it. I am currently being prescribed the mainstream meds for a condition I would prefer not to reveal on a web forum, even under a pseudo handle.

I am working with a shrink that is very conservative in my eyes. I have had him for a while, and he's a nice guy and everything. One thing I do think would work to convince him to try something in the cannabinoid field is that we've tried many many things already and none quite make me feel optimistic about life going forward. So he may be willing to take a swing at something.

I only think he could be convinced if there are good measurables. He'll never go for "cannabis." He can't control it, and I kind of agree with that. I like to be scientific.

I am primarily interested in CBD for my own purposes.

1. The commercial hemp oils cost a lot for me, and insurance would most certainly not cover it. They do have the benefit of providing labeled milligram measurements on the bottles.
2. MMJ Prices here in my state are very high for me, and most dispensaries probably only sell the THC rich cannabis. I certainly couldn't afford to buy that and waste buds experimenting on extracting oils from a plant that has a CBD disadvantage
3. Growing my own plants might be worth a shot I suppose. I may already have old salt water fish tank lights to use. I wonder how it would affect my electric bill and if there would be enough CBD in the 6 plant limit we have in the state.

See it's not just the appeal of having a natural substance for me that would work. I need to be able to afford it.

So I am looking the optimal marriage of cost and scientific measurability. Thoughts?

Thank you so much for reading through here.
Lots of interesting questions and statements. Let me see if I can provide some helpful guidance.

First, on the issue of THC. THC and CBD are like the two halves of a coin. THC, by itself, will get you "high" - but too much THC can produce anxiety. CBD seems to help mitigate this. That is one of the reasons that weed high in THC should also be high in CBD. THC concentrations can be up to 25% (even higher if you believe some ads). Typically, CBD can be anywhere from .10% to 1.5% (I assume it will go higher, but I haven't seen it). It is the ratio of THC to CBD which seems to control the "type" of high experienced.

Typically, Sativas are very high in THC.. and rather low in CBD. Indicas can be lower in THC, but higher in CBD. So if you are interested in weed that is high in CBD with limited THC - you will want to concentrate on pure indicas.

With all of that being said, there are many very, very good strains that are a combination of Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis where the THC and CBD ratios will vary.

There is no doubt that the cheapest way to acquire is to grow your own. But there is a large upfront cost. And you will be looking at a 15 to 20 week delay until first harvest. But once the pipeline is full... there is no better or cheaper way.

Since you have a specific condition, and most dealers don't know what they are selling, I would not suggest getting weed from a street seller. Just too much variance and lieing.

There are only two other options - find someone to grow for you or get an MMJ prescription and purchase commercially.

I am rather scientific myself - having been trained as an engineer in college. If I can be of any assistance to you, please let me know.

There is also a lot of variability in plants - especially if you are starting from seed.

I don't know if it is possible to get an exact THC/CBD ration on every plant. The only sure way to tell is to have each plant tested by a lab.

Expensive, but it may be worthwhile for your condition.
Right right. I know about THC. I don't care if a plant it is 100% THC or 0% THC.

I want the CBD. They sell it in bottles @100MG/OZ and @500MG/2OZ in an oil. 15 Drops they say at their website.

They make theirs from Hemp Oil, which seems to mean that they have A LOT of surplus hemp and time on their hands to go extracting tiny bits of CBD from each plant.

I can't grow that much hemp, nor can I find the type of hemp that has the most CBD in order to cut down on processing more plants. (That I know of. Feel free to enlighten me.)

Hemp CBD does have the advantage of being legal once processed. Still, too expensive.

I am bad at analogies, but let me try one. I am mining for gold here, and I am looking for the "low effort" mines. I.E. I am looking for the CBD, and I am looking for the easiest plants from which to take it. In the mine I could care less if I found an iron deposit. In the plant I could care less if I found a THC deposit.

I am looking to minimize the cost of CBD. Whichever plant (or dispensary if I buy the plant) provides the least $/CBD is what I want.


But even then, I have to consider processing costs. How do I get the CBD out of the plant efficiently in a way that leaves NO (ZERO) THC, and lets me measure the weight value of the CBD. Can I do a CBD only butter? I read a little bit about fractional distillation with a vape, that being the cheapo way. Lab equipment would get pricey.

And I have to consider if it is not worth it to buy the plant from a licensed dispensary. I suppose GreatLife put that matter to rest.
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