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white widow

  1. Nice Buds

    Nice Buds

    White Widow X Big Bud
  2. Wk4_ww.jpg


    Week 4 of bloom, White Widow under Quantum Boards in a 5x5, TLO
  3. F

    Week 6 Flower, White Widow: Is This Normal?

    Hi everybody, I'm growing my first plant and it has just started week 6 of flower. I am just wondering if this is how it's meant to look, because I see so many grows with Huge colas and mine seems so small compared. Things to note: it is not an auto flower. I have been feeding it fox farm...
  4. Bubbaman

    3rd grow looking for feedback thanks

    Week 7 flower ,white widow , dirt grow
  5. G

    GM’s Grow Journal Spring 2020: 1st Time Indoor Grow! White Widow, AK-47 & Bubblegum

    I’m in a 2x2x4 grow tent and have 3 plants (WW, AK-47, and Bubblegum). All seeds purchased online from ILGM. Using Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil and Perlite. Maxsisun 1200W LED (268W +/- 3%) 110V; 4” inline fan and 4” carbon filter, 6” clip-on fan and 24” oscillating tower fan. To germinate (Day 1-...
  6. Seedsman Seeds came!! Thanks sponsors!!

    Seedsman Seeds came!! Thanks sponsors!!

    Sex Wax, Red Afro, White Widow, Green Gelato, Alaskan Purple
  7. IMG_20171016_223040.jpg


  8. Herbies Seeds

    Freebies! Female Seeds & Herbies Promo

    This Tuesday is special - just look what Female Seeds and we have got for you! FREEBIES! A special offer: - Buy 4 White Widow x Big Bud feminized seeds by Female seeds and get 1 for free - Buy 10 White Widow x Big Bud feminized seeds by Female seeds and get 2 for free Ready to start shopping...
  9. C6B5CE27-0321-4710-8FB8-BEFAC8B5CB71.jpeg


    Euphoric Wonder Widow baby’s <3
  10. Schnookie

    Schnookie's First Grow In 30 Years: Mixed Strains, Mixed Schedule, Mixed Nutrients

    What strain is it? White Widow, Skunk#1, and Girl Scout Cookies - feminized Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid - skunk#1 70/30 S/I?, WW 60/40??, GSC 40/60%?? idk Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower If in Veg... For how long? 60 days from sprout to flip - some...
  11. received_736380713495172.jpeg


    White Widow #1 clone harvest day.
  12. IMG_5893.JPG


    White Widow x Wonder Woman x CBD Euphoria
  13. J

    Does this look like it's burnt from the light?

    white widow auto day 21 Its on one set of leaves on 3 out of 4 plants. and only the second set of 3 leaves, nothing above or below I raised the lights just in case. and went for 24/0 to 20/4. I also noticed the tent was hitting 83 degrees, i now have it at a constant 76 degrees.
  14. _MG_5803.JPG


    White Widow x Wonder Womand x CBD Euphoria
  15. IMG_5808.JPG


    ATF x GG4 With the comeback of the year ^^
  16. tumblr_ohy1q2EHVe1vwhaulo1_500.jpg


    White Widow Trichomes
  17. 20191004_072559.jpg


    WW ready to weigh.
  18. 20191004_072707.jpg


    White Widow curing in turkey bag.
  19. 20191004_074511.jpg


    White Widow buds. 1st tray 315g, 2nd tray 405g.
  20. Teensy Colas

    Teensy Colas

    I'm proud lol
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