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white widow

  1. Amy Gardner

    Amy Gardner Of Eden: Forest Adventures With Doc Bud’s HBB

    let me just start by saying this... Eden is a work in progress Welcome to Eden, we’re just getting started :ganjamon: I grow primarily outside under the Southern Hemisphere sun. I’m further south than what’s ideal for growing cannabis so I am, over the next few years, auditioning strains to...
  2. Aero808

    Legal 400W HPS Soil Grow 4 Plants

    Hello everyone. I'm a lucky Canadian entering the foray of home Cannabis cultivation. This is the first time I've ever grown anything and I'm hoping to achieve some decent results. I will be growing 4 plants under a 400w hps setup. The strains are as follows: 1 white widow, 1 northern lights...
  3. G

    Gimik's Quantum Grow: GG#4 x Cheese x White Widow

    Hi Everybody! Welcome to my 2nd grow attempt =) My goal from this journal is to get feedback from the community and help me become a better grower through asking questions and taking advice from you guys! First off some information about my grow: Genetics: I am growing three different genetics...
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    I have 2 Jack Herer's and a White Widow in aeroponic system. I also have 1 Bubblegum in soil. Nice healthy plants. I am using silica and Cutting Edge nutes in the aeroponic system. In my soil grow I am using Foxfarm nutes. I am very pleased with the outcome so far.
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    Healthy plants in aeropnic system. I have two Jack Herer and one White Widow in my system
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    "Ive made my (tops) bed, and now ill lay on it" :-) Current grow operation , 120 day mark. White Widow summer outdoors grow 2018, SoCal Costal baby
  7. Katins

    Katins's White Widow LED Micro Grow #3

    Welcome everyone to my third White Widow micro grow. This time I am upgrading my 2 cubic feet grow cabinet with a new filter and a 120 mm PC fan instead of previous 80 mm (or 90 mm, can't remember) one. Pics of the filter: As soon as I finish wiring everything back up, I shall pop a new...
  8. ProfessorFlora

    ProfessorFlora's Wilma LED Auto Photoperiod Showcase: First Journal

    Welcome one and all to my first journal. First off we have an auto grow that is about 2 weeks in and the 4 strains that are going to be showcased are at different stages due to 1 being a mutant which i didn't trust and another didn't pop. so 2 were replaced. There's about a week's difference...
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    White widow 7 days flower
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    White widow at 7 days flower
  11. H

    Questions about Growers Choice 315w CMH 3K

    So just starting out on my grow. 4x4 with 4 plants in 5 gallon pots. What wattage and distance from the plant should the CMH be? I have 3 auto’s and 1 feminized that just got planted after germination.
  12. ddGreenThumb

    New Grower - A quest to perfect the art of growing

    Hey guys! I'm a new grower, about 2 months into this wonderful world of growing cannabis. Like most newbies I've been forum surfing and article hopping in an effort to devour as much knowledge as possible to ensure my girls grow healthy, happy, and strong! I'm a bit of an experimentally driven...
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    White Widow at 7 days
  14. IMG_20180701_214657_004.jpg


    White widow..end of week 2
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    White widow
  16. 20180626_194509.jpg


    3 White Widow , 5 Green Crack and 10 blueberry plants. Yummy! Cannot wait until the end of summer and harvesting these babies!
  17. 20180626_194519.jpg


    3 White Widow , 5 Green Crack and 10 blueberry plants. Yummy! Cannot wait until the end of summer and harvesting these babies!
  18. 20180626_194526.jpg


    3 White Widow , 5 Green Crack and 10 blueberry plants. Yummy! Cannot wait until the end of summer and harvesting these babies!
  19. N

    C99xBlueberry Fast, White Widow & Jack Herer

    Hello everybody and welcome to my grow. I am starting a new grow so go ahead and sub up if you would like to follow it. i might not do an update every day but I will let you know what is going on with my grow and tell you what I'm doing to get good results. First off I would like all of you to...
  20. 20180612_125525.jpg


    Some of my 18 plants.