Heavy Weather - White Widow, Skywalker Haze, Dutch Guarani + Cats & Music

This is my first real run in the last 10 years.
Watch the life happening is the most important thing here. No use of pesticides, no chemicals in general, zero bottles. There are still some plastic bags involved, but this will no longer happen in the future.
Organic, holistic, natural. Maybe without artificial lights, if God bless me with a piece of land.
Growing my medicine is just one thing I do daily. Some others may appear here.


White Widow - Royal Queen Seeds (60/40)
Skywalker Haze - Dutch Passion (25/75)
Purple Diesel Daze - Europa Seeds (30/70)
Dutch Guaraní - South American bagseed found under the Capricorn Line between 2022/2024 (70/30 - breeding and testings - my strain)
Some Ruderalis guess "G13 Labs Auto Dosi" (freebie) my first one of the kind.


Living soil with dirt (old medium to recycle), perlite, vermiculite, earthworm castings made at home basically with banana, melon, watermelon, some orange, lettuce (peels, leaves). Eggshells and fruit seeds are usually toasted and applied as a meal. Also add some dry amendments like bone meal, kelp meal, dolomite lime, oyster shells, thermophosphate (rock phosphate), potassium silicate (greensand), mycorrhizae. Compost tea monthly applied.
As a living soil, it's full of earthworms, mites, colembule. Since I've introduced a gal of commercial compost 4 weeks earlier, aphids, root aphids, winged root aphids, thrips, whiteflies, spider mites and even some caterpillars have been seen lurking around. I made the mistake of applying neem oil to the leaves, enough to know that this is not the way to go. Increase the number of natural predators and nullifying the favorable conditions for the rising of pests is the organic path to follow. And It's working, now all I can see is mites, lots of mites eating everything in the soil but the plant.


Oh yes, I love Peppers. Jalapeños from Mexico, Andina from Chile, Biquinho from Brazil. Some colors will soon appear here

Tents under development (will get a new job and make it better in some weeks):
Vegetative tent: 1x1x1 with 150W 6500°K Simple Leds, muffin 100mm
Flowering tent: 1x1x2 with 200W VivoSun VS1000 + 300W 3000°K Simple Leds, VivoSun 150mm
Temps float between 5°C and 35°C (40/90°F). Today, end of summer, it's 25°C (77°F), 70%RH.

Linux, The Cat

Hejira - Joni Mitchell
Tents are handmade. Old school PVC pipes covered with double-sided visqueen plastic.
Good to save some money and build something physical with hands.
This is a Dutch Guaraní, cloned with no resources, just blade and soil.
Week 10 after clone. Took a long time to starting growing again due to the lack of some rooter.

What made the plants look ugly was the foliar neem application 8 days ago. The so-called pests didn't cause much destruction, although they were represented here by several species, they just showed that something was wrong with the environment, especially the run-off in the plant plates along with high RH.
Mites + Earthworms = effective control over aphids, root aphids, winged root aphids, thrips, spider mites.

After a good cleaning in a compost bin, I covered all the 5-gallon fabric pots with fresh compost material, which includes a lot of pine shells used as a carbon source and some seeds, the one in the photo could be melon or watermelon, I'll wait a little before removing.

Love the kitties and great garden. :love:
Welcome my friend. :welcome:

Stay safe
Bill284 😎
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