1. Kanno26

    Kanno 26: Soil, RQS, Bubble Kush, Feminized, 2nd Journal

    Welcome all you growers to my second blog where I will be growing Bubble Kush from Royal Queen Seeds. I'll start with 5 seeds and see what happens, but maybe some good smoke. You are all welcome here and I am certainly not against any tips for improvement.
  2. New Grow Tent

    New Grow Tent

    Finally got them into new 4'x4' grow tent, they are really enjoying the new space!
  3. DreamingTrees7

    DT’s Quadlining Story

    What up everybody. I have had 3-4 successful harvest’s since January 2019. I’ve tried Autoflower’s but I don’t like them very much. I have only been growing blue dream and black indica besides the autoflowers I tried, so I have gotten to know how these strains grow. for my first 3 or four...
  4. TysonOG

    Tyson's 4x4 ScrOG Feat: Mimosa In DWC 2019

    What is up 420 community! Man, I am so excited to be here. First of all let me tell you a little about myself. I have been into the growing hobby for 8 years now, but on and off. I started in soil and quickly switched to coco where i had a blast. I was always leery of trying full hydro but...
  5. DukeMonroe

    Duke's Autoflowering: Blue Amnesia XXL, CBD White Widow, Critical + 2.0 - Coco 600W

    Hello everyone!!! It's been 3 years since my last grow journal and I'm finally ready for a new one! This is also my first Autoflowering grow. Even though I've stopped posting grow journals, I've never stopped growing so hopefully I've learned something in these past three years. For this...
  6. S

    Light height / Lux levels help needed

    Hey everyone Scrogfather here Was just wanting someone who could possibly advise me on lux levels as I'm getting a little bit of light bleach on my current grow (2 weeks into flower) so I decided to buy a lux meter to try and be a little more accurate while adjusting the lighting and with the...
  7. hydro91

    LED solution recommendation to suit 5x5 grow tent

    Dear 420 magazine, Looking to get the most out of the plants that'll be going inside my 5x5 grow tent but I'm stuck on how many LED's I should place within the grow tent. I have a relatively decent background in growing but with this new LED light technology I thought I'd give a try there's...
  8. Kind K3 L600w

    Kind K3 L600w

  9. B

    Is doubling wattage from 600w to 1200w for flower a good idea?

    I'm currently running a 600w (equivalent) LED grow light in my 4'x4' tent. They're growing great but it's a relatively small light and probably only gets good light concentration to about 2'x2' of the canopy from a height of 24". I was thinking about buying another 600w light to get full canopy...
  10. N

    27"x27"x64" LED Lights?

    Anyone have any advice on what wattage I should stay around? The grow tent is on its way and I'm deciding on a light to use. I really only plan to have 2-3 plants. Right now I'm looking at one 600w LED Fixture, would that be enough or daisy chain two 600w. Thanks!
  11. Coloradokid19

    Coco & Hibrix In 2018!

    Well since its 2018 now I feel like its time to start a new journal. I've been growing in Doc Buds Hibrix kit for a year now and finally feeling my groove! I have to say I'm excited for what this year has to offer! Lets talk about my set up real quick for anyone new joining along... In the...
  12. L

    600w HPS with magnetic ballast vs 400w with electronic

    Hey, I was wondering since the 600w hps with shittiest magnetic ballast is giving too much heat for me to handle currently that if I upgrade to electronic ballast and blast it with 400w, would it make up for it? Since electronic ballast boast they put out "up to 30% more lumens" in theory this...
  13. C

    4th Grow - NYC Diesel - Purple Kush - Green Crack

    Hi All And welcome to my 4th grow! This is the first grow iv'e managed to completely kill off the dreaded 2 spotted mites so going for a nice long clean grow. Using 3x 600w HPS they are currently 4 and a bit weeks in to flower right now, and the ladies r looking lovely. Jump in and stick...
  14. Rooms

    Auto Amnesia - Ebb & Flow - 600W HPS - 4x2 Closet Grow

    - Auto Amnesia from New Breed Seed (Oregon) - T5 6400K for seedlings - 600W MH for veg - 600W HPS for flower - Botanicare 2x2 7.75 gallon flood tray - 27 gallon reservoir - Blue Planet Nutrients 3-Part plus additives - 24/0 light schedule due to cold weather Estimated time from seed to...
  15. C

    Is anything wrong - What do you suggest?

    hey guys I have a question about my set up. I am growing in a 31x31x71 tent using a 600w MH with 600w ballast with settings of 250w, 400w, 600w, super Lumen. Im wondering if my space is too small for my light. As of now ballast is set to 600w. Should I change anything, move plants further away...
  16. TheDankBone

    TheDankBone's Bagseed Grow! Tons Of Pictures

    Hello everyone! Been growing for a couple successful harvests and have followed this site for years. It just dawned on me recently how sad it is not having documentation of the nice little plants I've grown, and so here I am! Feel free to join me along the way. I intend to post quite frequently...
  17. O

    Crop King Seeds

    Have ordered cks seeds twice; Auto white widow and blueberry. Great results using 600w hps/mh system. Reliable company with apparently good genetics.
  18. N

    New Lighting Help

    Hey, everyone. Right now I'm running a 150w HPS Sunsystem plug-and-play type light in a 2x2x3 grow box I made. I recently bought a 2x2x4 grow tent, should be arriving in a couple of days. I was thinking of upgrading my lights, and the guy at the hydro store said a 600w switchable MH/HPS w/ a...
  19. L

    CMH question

    I have an extra 600W ballast and hood sitting around that I want to add into my grow room. I need to buy a bulb for it as I only have a spare 400w hps. I am curious is my ballast able to operate a cmh bulb, and if so what kind would I need? I was at my hydro store today and I was told that there...
  20. L

    Logik's First Grow - Indoor Blue Dream Coco 600W HPS

    Hey everyone, Began my first grow last Thursday, all my 5 seeds have opened for me :thumb: Some info: Blue Dream from Humboldt 70%Sativa/30%Indica Indoor Coco with Perlite in 7 gal fabric pots 600w MH/HPS with air cooled hood General Hydro nutrients The plan is to keep all in veg...
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