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  1. IMG_20200125_191801.jpg


    Few more blueberry shots with flash .
  2. IMG_20200125_191819.jpg


    Blueberry by seedsman Seeing some amber show up going to go probably another week then I'll take her down.
  3. 020_2295 copy.JPG

    020_2295 copy.JPG

    Blueberry @ 4 weeks
  4. IMG_20200116_202129.jpg


    Blueberry by seedsman we got rails very frosty ladies . Thank you seedsman week 6 flower
  5. IMG_20200116_202137.jpg


  6. IMG_20200113_195137.jpg


    Blueberry by seedsman
  7. DSC_2020 copy.jpg

    DSC_2020 copy.jpg

    Leaf Variety
  8. Darkscotia

    Darkscotia Grows In High Brix

    Hello all and welcome to my new grow journal. Very happy to be back to growing again and being able to do this journal. Everyone is welcome aboard and never hesitate to drop your comments especially when I’m screwing up lol. As always I’ll be growing in doc buds high Brix soil and in my long...
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    Pink kush and Blueberry crusing along
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  14. Blueberry about 6 weeks from sprout I think

    Blueberry about 6 weeks from sprout I think

  15. Blueberry Training

    Blueberry Training

    training at 2 months
  16. Transkei Training

    Transkei Training

    Transkei, training
  17. Blueberry


  18. Blueberry Nitrogen Toxicity.jpg

    Blueberry Nitrogen Toxicity.jpg

    Blueberry with a nitrogen toxicity.
  19. Tipistroy

    Tipistroy Perpetual Grow In Coco

    Hi 420 mag folks! I started a new grow 2 weeks ago after being busy all summer. I have 5 strain at the moment and will have a few more in the near future. 1 x critical orange punch feminized (Dutch Passion) 1 x skywalker kush feminized (DNA Genetic) 1 x Blueberry feminized (seedsman) 1 x Badazz...
  20. Blueberry at one month

    Blueberry at one month

    bag seed coco
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