1. NIK_9742B copy.JPG

    NIK_9742B copy.JPG

    Blueberry flower, very short pistols
  2. NIK_9492.JPG


    46 Days old, from left, CK Blueberry, CK Original Skunk, Kush from bag
  3. NIK_9468 copy.JPG

    NIK_9468 copy.JPG

    34 day olds Kush, Skunk, Blue Berry
  4. M

    It's been 13 weeks!

    Ive had a blueberry autoflower from ilgm and its been 13 weeks from seed. I harvested the tops buds at 11 weeks as they were well and ready but the mid and bottom were nowhere near. It seem they have not done any growing since the partial harvest and im worried they have just given up on getting...
  5. O

    Blueberry - So far no luck

    I finally got my order of blueberry in and started them right away. I followed the recommended seed starting as per the website and the inclosed instructions and the first two were a no go. Soaked them in spring water (ph ~6.5) for about 14 hrs then put them on wet paper towels with a single...
  6. JayCseed

    Jays 3rd Grow - Indoor - LED - Soil - Multi-Strain Journal

    Welcome back for round 3 of journals with Jay! This time around I will be stuffing my tent with 5 strains, keeping them supper short for a quick turnaround. Here is the setup: 4'x2'x60" Apollo grow tent 260 CFM exhaust fan 2 x King Super 1000w LED 3 gal square pots FoxFarm Ocean...
  7. O

    420's DWC Oldsmoker75 Grow Journal - 2017 Auto Blueberry

    hi people im a 40 something smoker for many years but just recently started my first grow Autoblueberry seeds from Seedsman! = bought at local store )-: wont make that mistake again THC: 8-15% CBD: 1.29 % CBN: 0.48% Yield: 350 — 400 g/m2 Flowering: 25 — 30 days Harvest...
  8. Jackalope

    Strain vs Hybrid

    We all see this time and time again. Different companies carrying strains by the same name. I will use Blue Dream as a example. This is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze x Blueberry. Any cross of these strains in that order is Blue Dream. The thing that changes everything is which pheno's of each...
  9. A

    Blueberry, Golden Goat, Qleaner & Blue Dream In Soil PRO MIX Sea Of Green #1

    :welcome: Welcome to my first journal. My setup might be a bit different than most but I find It works. CURRENTLY ADDING TO JOURNAL. My state Alaska - Legal Limit 3 babies and 3 adults per person 21 years of age or older in your home. My limit is 9 and 9. Made from clones bought in a store...
  10. RoyCheese

    RoyCheese's Auto Blueberry Domina Experimental Indoor Grow

    Strain Auto Blueberry Domina from Ministry of Cannabis Stats 10% Sativa 70% Indica 20% Ruderalis Flowering Time 5- 6 weeks ( So likely 7-8) THC 17% SET UP Tent Mars Hydro 27" x 27" x 63" Light Mars Hydro 300W LED Pots 25 litre Soil 1 natural Irish soil 2 All purpose peat compost Nutrients...
  11. JayGeneration

    BC Early Blueberry

    This BC Early Blueberry is autoflower feminized, grown outdoors. Planted June 5, harvested August 25.
  12. Cannapot

    Blueberry F2 On Stock At Cannapot

    :Namaste: Hi! We have a nice Blueberry created by ApeOrigin, directly from the original seeds of DJ Shorts Blueberry: Blueberry F2 [ApeOrigin] : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot It is a mostly and very stable Indica offering a superb smell and very nice colours at the end... Hope you enjoy :D...
  13. J

    One week from harvest?

    Is this the beginning of the harvest window? I'm looking to flush soon and not sure how far off this is. Blueberry Gum (G13 Labs) Blueberry x Haze, day 50 since switched to 12/12 Indoor Soil, 20-25 C Kind LED XL1000 - (630W) 40-50% humidity
  14. N

    2017 LED Blueberry Grow By ILGM

    in is it?blueberry by ilgm Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?Indica 20% - 80% Indica Dominant Is it in Veg or Flower stage?flower If in Flower stage... For how long?one in week 3 one week 6 Indoor or outdoor?both started outdoor finish last week in veg indoor before the...
  15. InTheShed

    Grow #2 - Outdoor/CFL Auto ILGM Blueberry & AK-47 Smart Pots With Dr Earth Soil

    Hey all...second grow starts now! My first grow is not complete yet but I've already started my next seeds so away we go... This grow will be the same seeds because I already own them and in economics that would be the definition of sunk costs. And sunk they have in the bowls of water. I'm...
  16. I

    MrMeeSeeks Mars Hydro Reflector CGE grow

    So figured id post on this forum have the journal started on grasscity will be updating on both. I'm doing a CGE grow with a 18 sq ft scrog setup 4 plants. Make my own variation of subcool duper soil amended richer than his. Using 6 mars hydro reflector series lights for a total of 1242 watts...
  17. H

    More Accidental Cross Breeding

    My auto fem Blueberry plant was got to by a male land race Afghani. Outside grow, i'm sure this was caused by small flying wasp-like bugs, because there aren't any honey bees.... Any guesses as to whether these seeds would favor the Blueberry auto or the Afghani strain? Would the pure strain...
  18. PlantWrestler

    Krippleberry Auto Grow

    Strain: krippleberry from Dr krippling Light: 600 w HP's Medium: soil Good morning fellow 420 friends ,here we have my Krippleberry Automatic from Dr krippling. Hailed as an auto version of blueberry I'm expecting great things from her . She's just started showing pistals !
  19. 2

    Crop King's Blueberry Indoor

    Crop king blueberry 1000 watt
  20. Curly Beaver

    CKS Blueberry

    Speaking of Crop King Seeds, I have 4 Blueberry plants (only 4 of 8 germed) that have me wondering. I have never grown Blueberry, and this is the first order from CKS so I'm not sure what to expect but I'm hoping someone that has grown this strain from CKS will weigh in on this. They may be...