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living organic soil

  1. Kongfuzi

    Kongfuzi Grows Some Autos: A First Time Grower Goes All In

    Hey y’all, long time reader, first time grower. Indoor inside a tent using the best I could afford because honestly weed gets expensive and 200 a week could be going to other things tbh. Let’s go over the setup: 6x4x7 HLG tent with HLG550 V2 light @ 3000k - (1) 6 inch Infinity Cloudline T6...
  2. Nick420Guy

    Nick420Guy's 2x2 Tent Perpetual Grow

    1-Blueberry Fem 1-White Rhino Fem 1-Blue Cookies Fem Home made super soil but might do a fogponic setup for one of them as I have all the stuff. 3 Gal fabric pots Nutes - Mega Crop probably lol haven't got it yet. Also want to see how @MrSauga does with his. I'm using Dutch Nutrient success in a...
  3. amending my LOS

    amending my LOS

    Alfalfa meal, kelp meal, neem meal, dried horsetail ferns, mycos, rock dust (glacial rock till, volcanic basalt dust, powdered clay, azomite, oyster shell flower) and some bat guano. Placed on the bottom of only 1 of 2 bins.
  4. Living Organic Soil

    Living Organic Soil

    Year 2 of this soil. Humus, Earth Worm Castings, and perlite make up the base. Amended with:alfalfa meal, kelp meal, neem meal, biochar, crab shell meal, oyster shell flour, azimuth, local powdered clay, glacial rock dust, volcanic basalt dust, and a few other goodies.
  5. UrbanAchiever

    Morty's Photographic Journal Of Dubiousness & Rickity Science - Blue Bud

    Welcome everyone! Its a new year and a fresh start for us all. That calls for dropping some interesting genetics into shot glasses. Growing those seeds into some healthy organic cannabis. Maybe take a cool 420 T-Shirt worthy photo along the way? Try some crazy thought experiment? Pull up a seat...
  6. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Journey Into Fire Organics - LOS Mix - Bag Seed - 2016

    high all (lol pun intended) i figured id do a journal on my first attempt into organics im doing a los mix (living organic soil) from buildasoil.com. I wana go all natural so no bottle nothing jus a plain soil mix and ssts (seed sprout teas) and acts (aireated compost teas) and plain ro water...
  7. N

    OG Kush & White Widow - Organic Living Soil - 614W LED

    I actually started this grow on June 8th. I am going to give a sort of readers digest condensed version for the past 12 almost 13 weeks so far. Then do regular updates from this point forward. I am growing in a bathtub, nothing fancy, no tent and only the white tile and white shower curtain as...
  8. Tomula

    Tomula's Living Organics In Soil With Olla Irrigation Perpetual Indoor Garden

    Dear people of the forum, all of you helpful and kind souls here and there, everywhere. I'm back, with me- a new grow! No pics, oh no! Come tomorrow! Under purple light glow, where winds always blow, I have something for you now, so grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the show! :yahoo...