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  1. C

    Question About Autoflowers

    I have a noob question, well because I am a noob learning as I go. How long is the seedling stage of autoflowers? And when to switch to full spectrum lights?
  2. H

    $1000 to spend on setup

    Hey all im new to growing. Trying to get my first setup and i have $1000 to spend. Im looking for a 2 tent setup. I need everything. Hoping to get some help with getting all the stuff i need. Please :)
  3. Growca2268

    LED Light Expertise Needed: Current Grow

    Hey everyone, have a potentially unique situation happening that seems to be lighting related, and trying to sort out what’s going on as I’m more experienced with HPS than LED. The following pics are of a SINGLE RDWC plant - The is one plant running off the same reservoir. You’ll notice a...
  4. T

    Lighting for clones

    I am a beginner grower working on a small closet grow. I received some trimmings from a friend which have been under the dome for a week now. My main concern is in the lighting. I'm not sure if it's sufficient lighting and if it is how long until I will need to upgrade? I have 8 clones which...
  5. M

    In the market for full spectrum LEDs or CMH

    Been in the hobby for about 5 years. Always had a digital ballast (iPower 1000, Apollo 600) Ushio, Hortilux Bulbs; along with 4-4ft T5 for early Veg. But I'm in need of an Upgrade and have been super impressed with Top Shelf Full Spectrum L.E.D.'s as well as the new Ceramic Metal Halide's. i.e...
  6. Ydro93

    Pls Help! Not sure what type of light to use

    Good evening 420 community! Recently one of my bulbs went out I have a lot of spares here at home but I’m not sure if they are what my girls need. Currently my plants are in veg stage i planted the seedlings in sept 30. I will post a picture of the light bulbs I have at home. I appreciate any...
  7. C

    Biobizz & Biobizz root juice - Works great - Growing organic - Plus random lighting question

    So I had a surprise today, my root ball was amazing, The roots were coming out the bottom of 1.5L pot. But seedling only about 15cm high. I guess all the action was going on underneath which is good cause ive transplanted her into a 20L pot now (organic soil grow) im using biobizz, only started...
  8. M

    New Grower - Timing Concerns

    Hey Guys, So i am a daily smoker and thought i would give growing a try when i found a seed in a 1/2 i bought and it didn't instantly combust in my hand. It ended up germinating and went off to a great start. I have stuck with all fox farm soil and nutrients. I manage my pH and have good...
  9. C

    New grower looking for some good guidance

    Hi everyone, new growing here just recently purchased a 4 by 4 tent, 4 foot 4 bulb T5 and a 600-watt VIPARSPECTRA from Amazon. My original plans were to run my T5 for my vegetation and then switch to the 600 watt LED for flower and Bloom. Well I recently came across stealth grow sg602 LED grow...
  10. Skullman420

    A question about timers, watts and Mars-Hydro LED lights

    I have 3 Mars Pro II Epistar 320 and 1 Mars Pro Epistar 160 lamps from Mars-Hydro The 160 was the first LED light I bought and the great results I have had with this lamp inspired me to buy 3 more lamps from the same company. The 160 has a remote control and timing can be programmed, so that...
  11. O

    Best 4x4 light footprint LED

    working with an unlimited budget. What LED lighting system should I run in a 4 x 4 tent?
  12. E

    Newbie needs your help!

    Hi everyone! PLEASE BE NICE AND BARE WITH ME :Love: Sooo I'm a newbie to this whole indoor growing thing and I need some pointers from all you experts :circle-of-love: I attempted to germinate a few seeds that I found in a batch of bud I bought and so far only one has sprouted within the last...
  13. L

    400W bulb 125W ballast

    Hey guys. So heres my situation. I bought a 125w set up and ended up changing the 125W bulb to a 400w bulb since I had 4 plants growing and knew i needed more wattage. What I didnt realize since indoor growing is new to me is that apparently my ballast is a 125W magnetic ballast. Iv had the 400W...
  14. A

    Oh, which light to prefer

    Well, I'm sort of at a lighting crossroads. Not really. I just can't make up my mind which light I want to save up for. To start, I have been using a dozen 23w CFL bulbs, for grow and for flower. I switch spectrum bulbs as necessary between stages of grow. I have been getting less than...
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