lighting advice

  1. C

    Biobizz & Biobizz root juice - Works great - Growing organic - Plus random lighting question

    So I had a surprise today, my root ball was amazing, The roots were coming out the bottom of 1.5L pot. But seedling only about 15cm high. I guess all the action was going on underneath which is good cause ive transplanted her into a 20L pot now (organic soil grow) im using biobizz, only started...
  2. M

    New Grower - Timing Concerns

    Hey Guys, So i am a daily smoker and thought i would give growing a try when i found a seed in a 1/2 i bought and it didn't instantly combust in my hand. It ended up germinating and went off to a great start. I have stuck with all fox farm soil and nutrients. I manage my pH and have good...
  3. C

    New grower looking for some good guidance

    Hi everyone, new growing here just recently purchased a 4 by 4 tent, 4 foot 4 bulb T5 and a 600-watt VIPARSPECTRA from Amazon. My original plans were to run my T5 for my vegetation and then switch to the 600 watt LED for flower and Bloom. Well I recently came across stealth grow sg602 LED grow...
  4. Skullman420

    A question about timers, watts and Mars-Hydro LED lights

    I have 3 Mars Pro II Epistar 320 and 1 Mars Pro Epistar 160 lamps from Mars-Hydro The 160 was the first LED light I bought and the great results I have had with this lamp inspired me to buy 3 more lamps from the same company. The 160 has a remote control and timing can be programmed, so that...
  5. O

    Best 4x4 light footprint LED

    working with an unlimited budget. What LED lighting system should I run in a 4 x 4 tent?
  6. E

    Newbie needs your help!

    Hi everyone! PLEASE BE NICE AND BARE WITH ME :Love: Sooo I'm a newbie to this whole indoor growing thing and I need some pointers from all you experts :circle-of-love: I attempted to germinate a few seeds that I found in a batch of bud I bought and so far only one has sprouted within the last...
  7. L

    400W bulb 125W ballast

    Hey guys. So heres my situation. I bought a 125w set up and ended up changing the 125W bulb to a 400w bulb since I had 4 plants growing and knew i needed more wattage. What I didnt realize since indoor growing is new to me is that apparently my ballast is a 125W magnetic ballast. Iv had the 400W...
  8. A

    Oh, which light to prefer

    Well, I'm sort of at a lighting crossroads. Not really. I just can't make up my mind which light I want to save up for. To start, I have been using a dozen 23w CFL bulbs, for grow and for flower. I switch spectrum bulbs as necessary between stages of grow. I have been getting less than...