Light interruption


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Hi! First time grower here. 8 amnesia lemon in soil and I’m going in to week three of flower tomorrow. Everything has been going so well and plants are looking a lot better then expected.. until now. I’m worried beyond belief! I have a small aircon unit in my grow tent which has two small blue leds on the fan buttons and are around the size of a drawing board pin per button. I have covered these with black tape throughout my grow but during my last lights on period the tape pealed off or blown by a fan. This lead to these little LEDS being left going into and left on for 12 hrs of dark period. Will my plants hermie? if so when will I first see signs of hermie so I can get rid of them. (That’s if they haven’t all turned)

I think you will be o.k, but if you could try to cover them with somthing that will stay then you will sleep better at night with no worries. :peace:
If these do turn hermie how long from the light exposure time will a pollen sack show signs of development roughly? Also, would it be more prone to develop pollen sacks on the new nodes coming trough up top or some of the older growth down below.
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