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  1. H

    My calyxes contain seeds! Hermie?

    So I’m in late flowering I have 4 plants growing in coco and it seems all their calyxes which I mistook for pollen sacs (maybe they are ill attach pics ) but now I’m sure they are calyxes but they all contain really tiny seeds, just wondering how long the seeds take to form as I’m ready for...
  2. H


    Discovered I have a hermaphrodite in my bunch of plants, what should I do? Remove it straight away and bin the plant? Is there any way around this? I don’t want it to pollinate the rest of my plants of course! Is it okay to remove the pollen sacs and stick it back in the tent? I grow in coco...
  3. 20200731_180523.jpg


    9 week flower GDP turned Hermie
  4. 20200803_101640.jpg


    Pollen sack GDP is 9 weeks flower and I find this
  5. 20200731_180523.jpg


    GDP looks to have developed a seed pod. Kind of explains why 1 of my other plants that just got harvested, looks to have seeds
  6. KVD4450

    Light interruption

    Hi! First time grower here. 8 amnesia lemon in soil and I’m going in to week three of flower tomorrow. Everything has been going so well and plants are looking a lot better then expected.. until now. I’m worried beyond belief! I have a small aircon unit in my grow tent which has two small blue...
  7. GrowerGal

    Is this an early Hermie?

    Please help. Zoom in to see clear.
  8. Wtf


  9. IMG_20200217_201218.jpg


    Is there seeds coming ? Hermie
  10. T

    I am not sure if my plant has hermied on me

    Plant was grown from a seed. Has been in veg 4 close to 3 months. Was accidentally put into flower and then back into veg, so stress was a factor. Now I am noticing these formations, and I am not sure if they are bananas, or calyx can somebody please help me? They do not have the typical seed...
  11. K

    Hello, first time grower

    Hi all, Seed: Barneys farm, Gorilla Zkittlez I was given some advice to do some defoliation, in week 4 of flower. Which now seems was the wrong thing to do according to a few people I’ve spoken with. I’ve added some pictures, I’m worried they may be turning Hermie as I think I can see little...
  12. Bubba Kush Hermie & Mosaic Virus

    Bubba Kush Hermie & Mosaic Virus

    Mosaic Virus affected the leaves to turn a malted green and white pattern. On some they tear at the middle if one side is more green than the other. It also pulls the leaves to make the curl sideways. This is a hermie showing both sexes. I would never had noticed the pods if I hadn't inspected well
  13. CamarilloBril

    Tangerine Dream: Male, Hermie, or just Calyxes?

    Grow Space: 600mm Wide X 600mm Deep X 1200mm Tall cupboard Light: 250w HPS Growing Medium: Soil Plants: Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream, Pineapple Chunk & Herbie's Headshop Bad Azz Kush (all feminized, photo-period) Special Note: Plants have been "Manifolded" It's a bit late for help on this one...
  14. IMG_20190101_140514360.jpg


    Kosher kush clone of mother that hermied, no male pistols so far
  15. H


    Hello new grower here . I have 3 plants in there 3rd week of flowering . 2 are feminized 1 is a found seed . This is the found seed and Really worried if I have a Hermie here ? I just don’t know
  16. Momma’s Kitchen

    Hermi? Some seeds - Why?

    Ok so I pulled some plants 4 to be exact and they had (only at the top) and a couple yellow bananas! WTF happened! Are all My plants going to be like this? How did this happene and how can I spot a problem I couldn’t see?
  17. image.jpg


    Is this hermie?
  18. 7D3D70EE-33DF-44DD-A444-D6C96476B8D7.jpeg


  19. M

    Hermie Auto?

    Posted this elsewhere but I haven't had a response yet. This is CKS CBD Cheese Auto that is on day 76 from seed. Did it turn into a hermie? Time to chop er down?
  20. Z

    Possible hermie

    I'm 6 weeks into flowering on Ghost train Haze and I just found these today. Is it a Hermie? If it is can I save it just by removing the pollen sacks as they develop it still has three to five weeks to go Thanks.
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