1. Momma’s Kitchen

    Hermi? Some seeds - Why?

    Ok so I pulled some plants 4 to be exact and they had (only at the top) and a couple yellow bananas! WTF happened! Are all My plants going to be like this? How did this happene and how can I spot a problem I couldn’t see?
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    Is this hermie?
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  4. M

    Hermie Auto?

    Posted this elsewhere but I haven't had a response yet. This is CKS CBD Cheese Auto that is on day 76 from seed. Did it turn into a hermie? Time to chop er down?
  5. Z

    Possible hermie

    I'm 6 weeks into flowering on Ghost train Haze and I just found these today. Is it a Hermie? If it is can I save it just by removing the pollen sacks as they develop it still has three to five weeks to go Thanks.
  6. K

    Auto hermie

    Can feminized autos Hermie? And if so, do pollen sacks grow along with pre flowers?. I'm a little confused over what I see here.
  7. T

    First grow please don't hermie

    I got my first grow going and I have 2 plants, auto flowers white skunk and speedy Gonzales and they are about 8 weeks old and budding up real nice, I’ve been away for a bit and came back and realised what looks like little sacks on bases of stems, I’ve googled it and it could be swollen calyx...
  8. J

    White Widow - Hermie?

    Hey everybody this is my first time growing and was wondering if there was any way anyone could tell if my plant is a Hermie? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  9. C

    Male Plant - Or Hermie?

    Hey, I'm a newby looking for help. I've had a single plant growing outdoors now for just over two months. It's about 7 feet tall (in a large pot). I went away for a week and came back to tons of pollen sacs. That said... The tops seem to have hairs of some sort. Question 1...
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    HI..I have a question..I found a hermie In my greenhouse of 24 they are all approx 4-5 feet tall none have started to bud or flower at this time.still veg.i found a hermie and looks like 1 of the pods had opened .i covered the plant with a garbage bag and burnt it.are any of my girls at risk of...
  11. F

    Just Entered 6th week of flower & noticed "Bananas". Possible Hermies!

    .Hi all, thanks foremost for reading. I've just entered the 6th week of flower and noticed these bananas. Done my research & I'm stuck on what to do next. I have 2 compartments and I've took it out of the main one and put it into the smaller one, just incase it does fuck up my other plants...
  12. J

    Is this a hermie?

    Is this a hermie? Loads of big calyxes, but no buds forming, unlike the plant in the background. Day 79 UK greenhouse grow. Cheers.
  13. K

    Hermie harvest and other plants

    Hi there, This is my first time growing. I have 3 plants in the 6th week of the flowering period growing indoor. I don't know the strains but they seem mostly indicas to me, they're all bag seeds from different sources. One of them is a hermie(most likely due to heat stress, I live in a very...
  14. N

    Flowering stage and moving plants

    This might be a stupid question, but if I have to move my plants out of my grow tent during the "lights on" period and they end up being under regular fluorescent lights for about 10-15 minutes instead of their HPS, is that likely to screw something up and cause them to hermie or anything...
  15. B

    Have a got a hermie

    But out of no where a single pollen sack has grown?! Is there anything i can do? I'll update with an image later today.
  16. H

    Help please - Round sack with white hair under cola

    flower time week 5 are these male/already pollen/hermie or normal female? !!! Second question ----------------- flower time week 5 sativa female colas still no trichomes is it normal? is it possible to plant to flower till harvest without producing trichomes? tnx
  17. V

    Is this a hermie?

    Hey Everyone New to this site got a question that I posted on a different forum and i received a split answer. i am around week 7 in flowering and I find something that resembles a sac just wanted some others option if this looks like a hermie plant thanks
  18. N

    Seed breeding - Forcing hermie questions

    Hi Guys, new to this forum. Been on a different site for years but thought I'd check this one out. Medical patient from Canada here. Have been wondering a few things about seed breeding. 1-I've read many times that forcing a plant to hermie and using that pollen on a different female is a...
  19. K

    Hermie pollen worth saving?

    I've got a female that went hermie on me. I've chopped and saved the pollen or some at least. The plant was seriously stressed in veg due to PH being all over the place. Everything stopped growing for about two weeks until I figured it out and got things back to where they needed to be. I'm...