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    Kosher kush clone of mother that hermied, no male pistols so far
  2. H


    Hello new grower here . I have 3 plants in there 3rd week of flowering . 2 are feminized 1 is a found seed . This is the found seed and Really worried if I have a Hermie here ? I just don’t know
  3. Momma’s Kitchen

    Hermi? Some seeds - Why?

    Ok so I pulled some plants 4 to be exact and they had (only at the top) and a couple yellow bananas! WTF happened! Are all My plants going to be like this? How did this happene and how can I spot a problem I couldn’t see?
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    Is this hermie?
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  6. M

    Hermie Auto?

    Posted this elsewhere but I haven't had a response yet. This is CKS CBD Cheese Auto that is on day 76 from seed. Did it turn into a hermie? Time to chop er down?
  7. Z

    Possible hermie

    I'm 6 weeks into flowering on Ghost train Haze and I just found these today. Is it a Hermie? If it is can I save it just by removing the pollen sacks as they develop it still has three to five weeks to go Thanks.
  8. K

    Auto hermie

    Can feminized autos Hermie? And if so, do pollen sacks grow along with pre flowers?. I'm a little confused over what I see here.
  9. T

    First grow please don't hermie

    I got my first grow going and I have 2 plants, auto flowers white skunk and speedy Gonzales and they are about 8 weeks old and budding up real nice, I’ve been away for a bit and came back and realised what looks like little sacks on bases of stems, I’ve googled it and it could be swollen calyx...
  10. J

    White Widow - Hermie?

    Hey everybody this is my first time growing and was wondering if there was any way anyone could tell if my plant is a Hermie? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  11. C

    Male Plant - Or Hermie?

    Hey, I'm a newby looking for help. I've had a single plant growing outdoors now for just over two months. It's about 7 feet tall (in a large pot). I went away for a week and came back to tons of pollen sacs. That said... The tops seem to have hairs of some sort. Question 1...
  12. S


    HI..I have a question..I found a hermie In my greenhouse of 24 they are all approx 4-5 feet tall none have started to bud or flower at this time.still veg.i found a hermie and looks like 1 of the pods had opened .i covered the plant with a garbage bag and burnt it.are any of my girls at risk of...
  13. F

    Just Entered 6th week of flower & noticed "Bananas". Possible Hermies!

    .Hi all, thanks foremost for reading. I've just entered the 6th week of flower and noticed these bananas. Done my research & I'm stuck on what to do next. I have 2 compartments and I've took it out of the main one and put it into the smaller one, just incase it does fuck up my other plants...
  14. J

    Is this a hermie?

    Is this a hermie? Loads of big calyxes, but no buds forming, unlike the plant in the background. Day 79 UK greenhouse grow. Cheers.
  15. K

    Hermie harvest and other plants

    Hi there, This is my first time growing. I have 3 plants in the 6th week of the flowering period growing indoor. I don't know the strains but they seem mostly indicas to me, they're all bag seeds from different sources. One of them is a hermie(most likely due to heat stress, I live in a very...
  16. N

    Flowering stage and moving plants

    This might be a stupid question, but if I have to move my plants out of my grow tent during the "lights on" period and they end up being under regular fluorescent lights for about 10-15 minutes instead of their HPS, is that likely to screw something up and cause them to hermie or anything...
  17. B

    Have a got a hermie

    But out of no where a single pollen sack has grown?! Is there anything i can do? I'll update with an image later today.
  18. H

    Help please - Round sack with white hair under cola

    flower time week 5 are these male/already pollen/hermie or normal female? !!! Second question ----------------- flower time week 5 sativa female colas still no trichomes is it normal? is it possible to plant to flower till harvest without producing trichomes? tnx
  19. V

    Is this a hermie?

    Hey Everyone New to this site got a question that I posted on a different forum and i received a split answer. i am around week 7 in flowering and I find something that resembles a sac just wanted some others option if this looks like a hermie plant thanks
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